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The Eastern Keys - My Takeaway

I was attracted to The Eastern Keys to reconnect to my youth.  At age 21, I went to South Korea with the Peace Corps.  (Long since closed down in Korea due to their amazing economic development.)

When you’re young and stupid and learning the language, you think everyone must be spouting philosophy and Eastern wisdom.  Most likely, they are deciding what to have for lunch.

Movies have such an effect on us.  Asians were not all Charlie Chan, but I had to get there after watching the World of Suzie Wong.  Nancy Kwan was way too beautiful.  Only half Chinese, I could not get Asian women out of my mind.

What was reality?  Even better.  In the 1970s, being a white boy in Asia was candy store time.  You were a novelty that many girls wanted to try or even exploit.  I guess you are not being exploited if you are a willing participant.

During my first year of Peace Corps, I did manage to earn a black belt in Taekwondo.  I worked out daily in an unheated gym down on the ocean.  Pain.  But worth it.  While it seemed crazy at the time, the discipline helps.

No matter how cocky you feel with a black belt, you have to remember that in Korea at that time, every male served 3 years in the military.  During that enlistment, each would earn a black belt in Taekwondo.  And maybe even higher degrees than I had.

Potentially, any man on the street in Seoul can kick your ass.  You just don’t know.

But I digress.  What I also did in Korea was visit dozens of Buddhist temples.  Being introduced to Buddhism in Asia is the way to experience it.  Not that people really learn non-violence or become enlightened, or awakened.

But as individuals we can try.  

Asians have a 5,000 year history of incredible brutality toward other Asians.  You can’t put their cultures on a pedestal and accept everything without analysis.  But you do have paths laid out for you to follow to live a life worth living.

That takes me to the Eastern Keys.  Heavily influenced by the work of Bruce Lee, Mike O’Neal has laid out a series of steps to reboot your life and live in harmony with nature and your own self.

We know Bruce Lee from movies and TV (Kato on the original Green Hornet TV show), or at least we think we know him.  I know of no other martial arts expert who studied fighting and human nature so deeply, even to the point of creating his own martial art - Jeet Kune Do.

One note:  in Hong Kong, the Green Hornet was known at the Kato Show.

His power and form are absolutely perfect.

Aside from fighting, Bruce Lee’s philosophy of life has much to be admired.

You have to look inside yourself.  Learn from your past mistakes.  More forward.

Research your own experience. Absorb what is useful Reject what is useless. Add what is essentially your own.

I have drifted so much of my own life.  No structure to speak of.  No self-awareness.

Now that I’m older (age 65), I’m not done yet, but time is not on my side.  I have to study all I can, and pull out what will enhance my life, reduce stress, and help me live the life I was meant to live.

But as with most systems, try it out as written, and tweak where you must.

I can sure use some revive and thrive for my remaining years.

Many of these keys will look familiar to you.  And they should.  If a religion or philosophy can be said to get to the truth in life, the ideas expressed will be almost identical.  How many “truths” can there be?

The difference is having someone express these truths in a way you can understand.

I won’t go into all of these right now.  But what The Eastern Keys does for me is remind me of things I have been neglecting.  Important things.


You can do worse than channeling Bruce Lee.  

Bruce Lee’s 10 Rules:











The Eastern Keys embody Bruce Lee’s 10 Rules for Success in maybe a more readable form.


Find out for yourself.  Click here for the Eastern Keys - http://chazlcom.kafunfu.hop.clickbank.net

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Harry Browne and IBMs*

I consider Harry Browne one of the most important writers of my lifetime.  His basic philosophy is stated in the first sentence of his “self-help” book, “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World”. (available free online in PDF format)

“Freedom is the opportunity to live your life as you want to live it.”

I discovered the 1973 edition at a public library in Jacksonville, Florida, when I was suffering through a bad marriage.  His basic answer to all problems is to identify the issue that is causing you pain, determine the price, and pay it.

It was the right book at the right time.  I just wish I had the discipline over the years to read his freedom manifesto constantly and to apply it to my life.  But it’s not too late.  I can’t redo the past, but I can make my life theme one that is largely free of family and government interference, even as the government has seized thousands of powers since the book was first published.

I’m an Introvert Boomer Male (IBM).  I was born in Virginia during the baby boom years after World War II (1946 to 1964).  No matter how often I’ve tried to get out of my “shell” and be outgoing and extroverted, I’m not.

Introversion is not a disease, even though you would hardly believe it given some definitions.

Many definitions have us as shy, anti-social, and consumed with our own thoughts.  The opposite of extroverts.




Bullshit.  I’m not shy.  I just don’t find most parties and large gatherings to be psychologically fulfilling.  It’s a drain on my energy.

The Urban Dictionary has a better definition:


Actually, extroverts do not make up a majority of the population, it just seems like it.

The numbers of IBMs are still large, even though we are dying off.

“There were actually a total of 76 million births in the United States from 1946 to 1964, the 19 years usually called the "baby boom." Of the 76 million baby boomers born, nearly 11 million had died by 2012, leaving some 65.2 million survivors. However, when immigrants are included (the number of people coming into the United States from other countries, minus those moving the other way), the number grows to an estimated 76.4 million because immigrants outweighed the number of baby-boomer deaths. The flow of immigrants greatly increased after passage of the Immigration Act of 1965, just as the baby boom was ending.” -


I’m going to leave out the immigrants who may not have grown up in similar circumstance.  Of the 65 million, maybe 30 million or so are men, and 10 to 15 million of those are introverts.

I’m going to choose the smaller number - 10 million.  There are a lot of us, and we’re not done yet.

I’m coming back to Harry Browne because I find my 64 year old ass getting ready for a third divorce.  I’m not good at being married.  If I had listened to HB over the years, I would have only been married once, the time before I discovered his book.

Like the comics of old insisted, “marriage is an institution”.

My words are directed first at myself, and then to my 10 million fellow IBMs.  I struggle every day to improve my life theme and to achieve that freedom to live my life as I want to live it.

So who was Harry Browne?


“Harry Browne was an American free-market Libertarian writer and the Libertarian Party's 1996 & 2000 candidate for President of the United States. He was also a well-known investment advisor for over thirty years, originator of the Permanent Portfolio concept, a consultant to the Permanent Portfolio Family of Funds, and author of "Harry Browne's Special Report" -- a financial newsletter published from 1974-1997. He was the author of 23 books and thousands of articles, Co-founder and Director of Public Policy of the libertarian Downsize DC Foundation, host of two weekly network radio shows -- one a political and the other a financial show, host of an eTV (internet-based television) show called "This Week in Liberty with Harry Browne" on the Internet based Free Market News Network, and a popular inspirational public speaker.

- http://www.harrybrowne.org/

I used to see him on local TV in Ft. Lauderdale years ago.  But that’s not so important.  What is, is HB’s philosophy for personal freedom.

ADD Affiliate Marketing:

A lot of us have a touch of ADD or ADHD, no matter what the age.

I am spending my time educating the masses in Internet marketing, specifically affiliate marketing which is the logical place to start.

Here’s the problem.  I’m a curator and researcher.  Just about every possible aspect of affiliate marketing has been covered multiple times.  For me to develop my own system is cool, but not earth shattering.

I need a higher purpose.

I am not optimistic about the future of the United States.  Certain things are bound to happen.  I can’t tell you when, but when macro systems are set into place, they will reach inevitable results.

The U.S. government operates on yearly debt and cannot be sustained.  Future obligations for “entitlement” programs will break the backs of our youth.  We do not have the blood, treasure, or will to be the world’s policeman (more like a swat team from a militarized police force).  

Higher education as it is now practiced is unsustainable.  You can educate yourself on a $200 laptop or even a $50 android tablet for little or no money.  Never has so much knowledge been available to virtually every human being on the planet.

Healthcare (sick care) in the U.S. is twice as expensive as any other developed country, yet we rank 50th on the list of healtiest nations.  Half of those expenses are wasted on friction, fraud, waste, and unnecessary tests and procedures to avoid lawsuits.

In my case, my biggest problem is diabetes.  My blood sugar is back through the roof.  Without taking care of my own healthcare, I can never take the journey for myself or teach it to others.

My ADD Affiliate Marketing is much more than the next foolproof system or shiny object.

“It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.”

~ http://www.jr.co.il/humor/murphy.txt

It takes into consideration how most of us work.  If we try to force ourselves into a box of goals and achievements, we fail.  The secret of the system is taking your natural curiosity of learning new things online and creating authority sites and blogs and monetizing them.

Computers are doing more and more, but your human skills as writers of unique content, plus adding video and podcasts, will not be matched by the machines as easily as other outsourced or automated marketing techniques.

Depending on your world view, the machines may take over or never catch up.  Who knows?

We are in the midst of a new “industrial” revolution unlike the others (agricultural, industrial, informational).  When men left the farm for the factory, they could be taught simple repetitive tasks on assembly lines guaranteeing lifelong employment for anyone who wanted it, especially after World War II when much of the world was in shambles.

Now, automation of those simple jobs by robots is leading to automation of so many brain jobs that those good jobs as managers or salespeople or accountants or even lawyers have so many applicants to job ratios that salaries have no choice but to implode.

We could ask the universities to create another 100,000 chemical engineers with Ph.D. credentials.  That doesn’t mean we need them or that there are jobs available.  Automation accelerates the replacement of human labor.  Even factory labor is being replaced by 3D printers.

Companies that can’t keep up will disappear.  If you have done any Internet marketing in the past, you know what happens.  You purchase a piece of software or a Wordpress plugin to give yourself an advantage, and a month later you find something free that works better than what you bought.

Automation is happening faster than we think, but it won’t happen overnight.

But speed is critical.

I am developing this system as a part of my personal theme which is iPT (Perpetual Traveler) which is to earn enough money online to travel the world and take care of that bucket list.

I don’t encourage goal setting which is generally imposed by your boss to satisfy his goals even before the company’s goals.  Goals are a desired result with a deadline.  You will either succeed, modify, or fail.  There are no other outcomes.

For a theme such as being a perpetual traveler, you have many activities you have to handle, and all you need to do is the next thing.  You have 3 major areas of every life theme - health, wealth, and relationships.  What you work on each day depends on where you are.

If you have major health issues like I do with Type II diabetes, your next action may include cutting all sugar and processed foods out of your diet, eating raw foods, taking medication, or even fasting until your sugar is down.

But we are all different.  If one strategy does not work for me, I will try others.  Choosing an outcome like “I will be diabetes free in 90 days” is not something you control.

What I can control is my diet, how much I exercise, and getting enough sleep so my body can heal itself.

As long as I am taking actions that my research tells me will help my cause, I can check my blood sugar levels to see if each action helps, hurts, or has no effect.  A one-man petri dish.

If I go for a set deadline and fail, that’s how goals die.  Think New Year’s Resolution.  Most fail before Valentine’s day.  

Others fail before they begin.  Most salespeople are given impossible goals on an annual, monthly, weekly, and even daily basis.  Many are even asked to cold call 100 people a day.  Does anyone really believe 50s era industrial sales techniques work in the age of the Internet when any buyer can go online and check reviews and find the best product/price before you show up for an appointment?

All something like cold calling can do is shift the lead generation and marketing costs from the company to the individual, yet you still see books on cold calling all over Barnes and Noble.  You are being forced to do the company’s work for free.

It’s not my job to trash cold calling - others like Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr. have taken care of that for us - Never Cold Call Again: Achieve Sales Greatness Without Cold Calling 

And affiliate marketing is commission sales for the most part.  The advantages of affiliate marketing are many, but mostly because you are free to promote hundreds of thousands of products on your own time and own schedule.

Once you are set up online, your reviews or landing pages will work for you 24/7 - this is the recurring income I need for travel, but you may need it for anything from quitting your job to child support.

No one creates your theme but you.

No matter what online income you need, I will take you down the rabbit hole of affiliate marketing and beyond.  Each step will be what a newbie needs to do next.  Going off on tangents is encouraged.

For example, I recommend the Chrome browser (I use a Chromebook and the Chrome OS.)

What I recommend may not work for you.  For PC or Mac, you may have different extensions or probably a better variety.

What I concentrate on is tools that reside in the cloud.  Free when possible.  Or an upgrade if is gives you a better ROI - or better Return on Your Time.  For most tasks, you won’t need anything but your browser, and of course, that’s where all software is headed (you can’t share your copy with your friends - you have to login to the site).

As we go along, all of these tips and techniques will be shared in a drip membership site which sends you a daily email with a daily pdf link to detail your steps.  


This way you can skip the outline page and go straight to the posts and pdfs that cover what you want to learn - your “next action”.

But it’s also a defense against what no longer works.

What I always seem to buy but what becomes disappointing is all the shiny objects.  Affiliate marketing tools are like diet plans - they don’t always work for you.  They may have worked for someone else at some point in time, but they may be stale and broken.

I am not a guru.  I’m a curator.

If I do recommend a paid app or plugin, it will be one that I have used and tested.

That’s why the outline will always be updated via curation as time goes on.  Also, there are other things I am developing such as offline business combos - blog, mobile version of website, and app for small businesses.

When you do find new resources, I hope you will share them with me.  I will link back to you from the home/outline page to credit your help.  As individuals, building up your sites among the big boys requires speed, innovation, early promotion, original reviews and content, and helping each other learn.