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Online Marketing Assistant / New Media Developer (Zero Deal)
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Online Marketing Assistant / New Media Developer

Position: Online Marketing Assistant / New Media Developer

Ängsbacka is extending its impact on the world and individual lives by developing stronger and better held Online outreach methods, creating a more stable and adaptive future for Ängsbacka for the years to come. To support this development we are searching for 2 persons that can together assist in the ongoing marketing of Ängsbacka as a whole and the future development and running of our platform for online events.

A strong candidate would have a marketing-communications background and/or has strong affinity with Online Media development and streaming technology. The tasks will vary, but a desire to learn and contribute whether that is through problem solving or more meditative and repetitive tasks is required.  We hope that you will join us in this journey to extend the Ängsbacka experience into the digital world.

Role Responsibilities

Both positions are open directly and ongoing, with a 6 month trial. Both are volunteer positions on a ‘zero deal’, meaning that as becoming a member of our onsite working community you will be able to attend all activities at Ängsbacka outside of your working time (note that this does not include courses that are renting Ängsbacka). You will receive three vegetarian meals each day and live in a shared accommodation, in exchange for 25 hours of working time per week, plus participation in sharing, community hours and community cleaning. You will not be required to pay for your food and accommodation as this role requires more dedication and skill than a standard volunteer position.


These are some of the preferred skills, don’t worry if you don’t have all of them or even most of them. Please let us know which of these you have experience or education in and which you are excited to learn about. As mentioned above, we are looking for 2 persons that collectively can support these qualifications and skills.

Education and/or Experience:

Related education is looked upon favorably but is not a must. Real life experience and interest to learn is much higher valued. To make the role more concrete there are certain experiences that are appreciated but not demanded.

How to apply: 

Send a cover letter and CV to 

Work Environment:

Ängsbacka is a Course and Festival Center for Personal and Spiritual growth. Since 1997, thousands of people have travelled from all over the world to experience the magical, warm, open and loving atmosphere. To many, this place has become like a second home and source of inspiration. Hundreds of people have lived and worked here for short or long periods. They have contributed with time, money, work, and above all their heart to create what we enjoy here today. Currently approximately 35 long term volunteers live on site.

The Vision & Mission of Ängsbacka

“Ängsbacka is a sacred focal point bringing people to the realization of whom and what we really are, beyond all thoughts and concepts. Ängsbacka is an internationally renowned source of inspiration; exploring how human beings together consciously can create the life they desire on earth, and demonstrating paths to sustainable development, well-being, and harmony.”

We realize and sustain our vision through;