Enero de 2018

Temas para la sesión
NGDLE (Next Generation Digital Learning Environments)
+ LMS (Learning Management Systems)
+ La Web como ambiente de aprendizaje

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  1. Intro / First readings
  2. Blog Prep / Motherboard syndication /
  1. Prep of Twitter list of influential people in edtech/NGDLE. See “Twitter Lists”:
  2. Blogging 102
  1. WP /  Functionalities / Options
  2. Themes; Plugins
  3. Syndication / RSS
  4. RSS Aggregation/readers
  1. NGDLE
  1. The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment: A Report on Research, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, April 2015
  2. 7 Things You Should Read About NGDLE
  3. The Current Ecosystem of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education: Student, Faculty, and IT Perspectives, EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, September 2014
  1. Discussion 1 / Readings C.1 & C.2
    Discussion 2 / Silos; Facebook; LMS’s
    Discussion 3 / "Open" → Answer to What Question?
  2. Video: Goal → Produce something on the lines of "Visions of students today"

Our Reading List

  1. Personal Cyber Infrastructure (Gardner Campbell) 
  2. The Web We Ought to Give to Students (Audrey Watters) 


Related Courses

  1. Thoughtvectors in Concept Space (VCU, Gardner Campbell) 

Tools to explore

Shared Web Annotation

I suggest we use to annotate our web-based readings; this is a way we can see each other’s notes and have discussions in a meta layer of a web page.  Each annotation has a reference URL

If we tag our readings, e.g. #edu646 we get a record of all notes (maybe we add another tag for topics?) and each person has a record of their activity