Ginger Day  _________________________________

When Ginger Day came, everyone in Ginger Town got excited. They made thousands of ginger cookies and decorated their houses. They tried to get the humans to celebrate it but they all said “NOOOOOOO!” They bugged the humans for a long time, bugged them until the next day. When they noticed that it wae the next day, they cried for hours and hours. But one gingerman had a idea. He said “Why don’t we make another holiday?” Everyone thought that was a good idea. They decided a fair way to do it is for 10 people to choose a name and they would vote. They chose Make-A-House day. The holiday was that everyone would make a house and they would have a competition. The next day it was Make-A-House day. Everyone got the supplies they needed to make their houses and it started. One gingerman made a modern house. One made a country house. One made a mansion. The judges said “and the winner is” but at that second another gingerman yelled, “WAIT.” She was the last contestant. And they waited and waited and waited until she said “ I’m done”. The judges said “and the winner is the gingerdog house,” the girl’s creation.

The next day they had a giant party. It was so loud that the floor shook. They ate cookies and played games. But the red fox came and crashed their party. He ate their houses and even ate some gingerbread people. The next day they had to construct more houses. So they made more houses. One house was five hundred feet tall! It was green with a red doorknob the walls had a brick pattern. It had a garage next to it and had a ginger Lamborghini. Another house was a small house. It was yellow and had a diamond pattern. The door handle was orange. Another house was blue with a circle pattern. The doorknob was purple. The last house was a mansion. It was a rainbow and had a square pattern with a black door knob. The living room had a tv, couch, and playstation. The kitchen had a oven, sink, and a microwave. The bathroom had a toilet, a shower, and a sink. The backyard had a dog house, a tree house, and dog toys everywhere. That was the end of the adventure of the gingerbread people.