Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival 2020

Date:Feb 16th| Saturday

Address: The Oxford Academy, Sandy Ln W, OX4 6JZ

Official time of the event for visitors: 10am-7pm

How to Reach

Please download this pdf file to get detailed driving directions to the venue.

Official Facebook Event Page: Please RSVP as ‘going’ and invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/463605677634070/


We expect 500-700 people to visit the festival.

If you are an ambassador of brands such as Doterra, Forever LIving, Arbonne, Tropic, Ringana etc, please email trade@yogific.com before paying the stall fee. Only one ambassador is allowed from each brand at our events to avoid duplicate stalls. In case, two ambassadors of the the same brand have paid the stall fee, Yogific is authorised to exercise discretion and cancel one stall. Full refund shalll be issued by Yogific

Booking fee: As we sell stall spaces through an external ticketing service, a booking fee is levied by them. We can’t control it. We only receive the ticket price listed below. The booking fee goes to the platform.

Please note that there are only 3 plugpoints at the venue If you need electricity connection for your stall space, please buy it for an extra fee of £10

Stall Capacity : A maximum of 45 stalls indoors - all of them located in the main cafe/atrium space inside the school.

Space for a maximum of 4 hot food stalls (outdoors). Hot food stalls will not have access to electricity but are welcome to use gas. Hot food stalls must bring their own gazebos, tables and chairs.

6x2ft Stall Indoors: One stall space is equal to the size of one table that measures approx 6x2ft ft (exact measurement in cm length  x width: 152.4x76.2) - some space at the back or on the sides to display your banners. Table and two chairs provided by Yogific. If you wish to have more space, you can buy more stall spaces. Sale of hot food not allowed but cold food and hot/cold drinks can be sold. Fee: £60

Outdoor Non-food Stall: Yogific will only provide the 3x3m pitch. Stallholders need to bring their own gazebos, tables and chairs. Sale of food/drink not allowed. Electricity connection not possible. Fee: £45.

Outdoor Cold Food Stall: Yogific will only provide the 3x3m pitch. Stallholders need to bring their own gazebos, tables and chairs. Electricity connection not possible. Sale of hot food is not allowed. Cold food/hot or cold drinks can be sold. Please note that cold food stalls are encouraged to take stall indoors. Fee: £50

Outdoor Hot Food Stall: Yogific will only provide the pitch. Stallholders need to bring their own gazebos, tables and chairs. Electricity connection is not possible. You are welcome to use gas. Fee: £95

Due to high volume of stall applications from hot food stallholders and very limited space, hot food stallholders can’t buy stall space online via the ticketing page. If any such purchase is made, the amount will be refunded. Hot food stallholders are required to check with Yogific about availability and pay via bank transfer against the invoice generated by Yogific.  

Featured listing: If you would like us to promote your brand to our 20,000 followers on social media, please pay for a featured listing. We will place your logo on our website and will also post on all of our social media channels. Please remember to email us your logo, pictures of your products and a description - we will use this info for promotions. Fee for featured listing:£20

What other stalls have booked?

We list all booked stalls on our website 3 weeks before the festival date - the list is updated as and when more stalls are booked. You can access it here: https://yogific.org/oxford/stalls/

Stall Space

Please watch videos of our festivals year to know more about the stall space and layout: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSbtE40y9SDD45rXrcmX5yj9frK3tQ3MB

Loading/Unloading and Nearest Carpark

There is free on-site parking for all stallholders so loading/unloading will not be a problem. However, Yogific doesn’t guarantee an on-site parking space. Parking is available on first-come basis. The stallholder is responsible for the parking - Yogific can not be held responsible for parking space.

Set-up time and Take-down Time

The venue will open at 8.15am sharp so you are welcome to set-up anytime after that. The

visitors will start coming at 10am. Please ensure that you are inside the venue by 9.30am if you are bringing your car and would like to have free parking. Otherwise, we can’t assure free parking space. The take-down time is 6pm sharp.

We will also try to arrange for some stalls to set up a day before. We will let you know closer to the time.

Aesthetics of your stall

Please note that Yogific only provides tables and chairs - we don’t provide table cover. It is up to you to make your stall look attractive.


All stallholders but bring bin bags. There should be a designated area for you to drop the rubbish but if there isn’t, please take it with you.

Extension cables and PAT

Please bring extension leads and multi-power sockets if you wish to access electricity. We

can only provide electricity to stallholders who have informed us in advance. Please bring PAT

testing certificates of all your electrical appliances including extension cables.

Entry tickets

You don't need to buy any entry tickets. We will stamp your wrist when you arrive on the day.

If some of your team members are due to arrive later during the day, please give their names

to our entry desk team on the day. It will not be a problem.

Can stallholders attend classes?

Stallholders need to purchase tickets to attend classes. Tickets can be bought online: www.yogific.org/Oxford


We can’t provide wifi at the venue. Please use the internet on your phone to create hotspots if you need to be online

Card Machines

We strongly suggest that all stallholders try to accept card payments. In our experience, visitors prefer to pay by card. However, this is just an advice and not a necessity. We do tell our visitors to carry cash but they find card payments more convenient.

Locating your stall space:

Your table will be clearly labelled with your stall name. Our staff will help you locate your table on the day.

Contact Information

Team Yogific can be contacted via email on trade@yogific.com and all social media channels. Due to our company policy, we do not share the contact numbers of the staff on the day but our backend support is available all day - we are just a click away.

If there is an emergency such as an accident, please call the school authorities.

Festival Manager

Please note that this festival is lead by Yogific’s festival manager. Please feel free to approach them on the day if you face any issues. In case of dispute, festival manager’s decision will be deemed final by Yogific. However, any complaints can be reported to feedback@yogific.com

Must Read: Special Requirements for all Food/Drink Stalls

Food Hygiene Rating

If you’re selling food at the festival, you must have and display your Food Hygiene Rating. If there is a random check by the local council and you are caught selling food without Food Hygiene Certificate, you could face legal penalties. Please respect the rules.


It will be great if our stallholders can offer some gluten-free options as a lot of our visitors are gluten-free. You can also try nut-free and soy-free dishes on the menu because our visitors could be super health conscious at times and not like soy. Again, this is more of a recommendation.


As traders you are expected to bring enough weights to ensure your stall can cope with the wind conditions we may get on the day. This is a matter of visitors’ safety. If you do not have enough weights to anchor yourself down without having to rely on tying yourself to another trader, you will NOT be allowed to trade but you will still be charged.


All food/drink stalls are required to use only eco-friendly plates/cutlery/cups etc. If you do not follow this requirement, you risk getting banned from our future events.


Please note if you don’t send your up-to-date paperwork prior to the event including public liability, safety certificates, food hygiene you will NOT be allowed to trade but you will still be charged. You must have a copy of all of your paperwork with you at all times.


Please clearly display all food allergens. Failure to do may result in a penalty in the event of a sudden inspection by the council. If you do not leave your stall space in a clean state, a fine will be levied.

Bring Your Own

To reduce waste, we are encouraging visitors to bring their own reusable cups, plates etc. Would you like to support this by offering a tiny discount or giving a bit extra food to people who bring their own cutlery? In return, we will promote your stall.

Terms and Conditions

If you do not agree with any of our terms and conditions, we would not be able to offer you a stall space. Please take a minute to carefully read our terms & conditions here: www.yogific.org/terms

Stall Booking Form

All stallholders are required to fill and submit the online booking form. After you hit  ‘submit’ on the booking form, you will be shown the link of the payment page. Please click on it and proceed to make the payment. Your stall space is confirmed only after you make the payment.

Stall Booking Form: http://bit.ly/Oxford20

Thanks for supporting Yogific. We look forward to collaborating with you.