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Instrumental Music Lessons

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are delighted to announce our continued partnership with Doncaster Music Hub to provide our instrumental music lessons. There will be 35 lessons over the course of the year. These will be delivered during the school day by staff from Doncaster Music Hub.

We are allocated time slots by the Doncaster Music Hub and we work with these timings to make the timetable for instrumental lessons have the least impact on students in terms of missing time from expedition lessons. This could mean that your son/daughter’s lesson may be any time between 8:00am and 4:30pm.

We ask for a minimum contribution from parents towards the cost of the lessons. Students on Free School Meals will have their lessons paid for but will be allocated into a Group lesson where possible.

Doncaster Music Hub operates on a three-term system. Payment must be made in advance of each of the sets of lessons through ParentPay. You will receive another notification when the next payment is due.

There are two options for your son or daughter’s lessons.

per year)

Please note that once you sign up for these lessons you are tied in for the whole academic year. Once the Doncaster Music Hub have allocated the time to us we are obliged to continue on that basis for the whole year, so the same expectation is applied to the students.

If you have any queries please contact the school on 01302 898792 or info@xptrust.org

I wish for my son / daughter __________________________ to start lessons on the following instrument, ______________________ for this coming academic year.

Please choose from the following:

I agree to pay for the first set of 12 lessons through ParentPay as soon as possible and will make further payments when required during the year..

Signed: ________________________________        Date: ________________


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