MGA Score Posting Information

  1. Tournament Director:  The Tournament Director is responsible for posting scores at the end of play for all members in their group. This includes all tournaments where everyone plays their own ball i.e., Individual and group Stableford or Best Ball formats.


  1. Preferred Lies:  All scores must be posted even if the ball was played up.

  1. Tournament Scores:  Some MGA events are designated as either *H or *T. *H event scores must be entered into GHIN as HOME. *T scores must be entered as COMPETITION.

  1. Auditing Handicaps: The MGA handicap chairman will periodically audit input of scores from MGA play.

  1. Adjusted Scores:  Prior to posting all scorecards will need to be adjusted to a maximum of NET DOUBLE BOGEY (Par + 2 + any handicap strokes you receive) on each hole. In order to assist the Tournament Director, all team captains need to circle any hole that needs to be adjusted down to NET DOUBLE BOGEY.

Rev 01-2019