General Conduct

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)  strives to provide a safe and satisfying event for everyone in attendance. As such, it is necessary to abide by the following rules:


Failure to follow the above may result in being removed from the event or being denied entry by WFTDA Tournament staff or venue security.

Our Commitment to an Abuse-Free Derby Community

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is committed to hosting WFTDA events free of harassment, discrimination and abuse — where all people are treated with respect, dignity and fairness. As such, we expect all members working at or participating in a WFTDA event to abide by the following.

Everyone is entitled to an environment without:

If you witness or experience any of the above, you can report it immediately or at any point to a Tournament Staff member wearing a WFTDA badge stationed throughout the venue who will be trained on proper protocol for responding to the situation. You can also email to notify event staff of an issue. The WFTDA is committed to taking any report of harassment, bullying or discrimination seriously.


If you are asked to stop any behavior in connection with the above, do so IMMEDIATELY. If you disagree with being asked to stop doing something, bring it up with a Tournament Staff member after stopping. Do not continue the behavior.

Failure to adhere to the above may result in ejection from current, any or all future WFTDA events depending on severity, persistence or unwillingness to cease said behaviour.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

In order to create a better environment for all people, particularly those belonging to marginalized groups, the WFTDA is committed to ensuring that all voices are heard and all interactions are respectful. As such, all participants, volunteers and attendees are required to make a good faith effort to do the following:

The WFTDA understands that given the diversity of our community, it is challenging to always be able to determine when your actions encroach on others. As such, it is important to stop behaviour when asked, think critically about your behaviour and make amends when needed and appropriate.

Failure to act in good faith, make amends when necessary or severe breaches of the above may result in including but not limited to, warnings, removal from the current WFTDA event as well as future WFTDA events. It may also result in a formal investigation and follow-up outside of the WFTDA event.

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