Autumn M. Reed, Ph.D.

1000 Hilltop Circle

Administration Building, Room 913

 Baltimore, MD 21250




Ph.D., 2014        University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Language, Literacy and Culture        

Dissertation Title: Whose Agenda is it Anyway? U.S. News Coverage of the “Honor Killing” of Noor Faleh Almaleki and the Discursive Construction of Boundaries

Committee: Edward Larkey, Jodi Kelber-Kaye, Beverly Bickel, Christine Mallinson, Theodore Gonzalves

Post-Bac., 2010        University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Gender and Women’s Studies

M.A., 2008        University of Maryland, Baltimore County

        Intercultural Communication

B.A., 2005        Notre Dame of Maryland University


        Summa cum Laude

Experience in Higher Education

2011-Present                University of Maryland, Baltimore County

                Office of the Provost

2018-Present                Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

2015-2018                Director of UMBC STRIDE

                                                Coordinator, Faculty Diversity Initiatives and ADVANCE Program

            2014-Present                Instructor, Office of Undergraduate Education

2011-2015        Program Coordinator, Faculty Diversity Initiatives and ADVANCE Program

Peer Reviewed Publications

Reed, A.M., Banerjee, N., Garcin, E.D., Lutters, W., McDonough, S., Murphy, C., & Omland, K.E., (2018, May). Recruiting a Critically Diverse and Inclusively Excellent Faculty through STRIDE Peer EducationPaper presented at the 2018 CoNECD – The Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity Conference, Crystal City, VA.

Tull, R.G., Reed, A. M., Felder, P. P., Hester, S., Williams, D. N., Medina, Y., Lo, A., Aparaka, E.T., & Ordonez, P. (2017, June). Hashtag #ThinkBigDiversity: Social Media Hacking Activities as Hybridized Mentoring Mechanisms for Underrepresented Minorities in STEM. Paper presented at 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Columbus, OH.

Reed, A.M., & Tull, R.G., (2016, August). Invitation to Engage: Innovative and Collaborative Approaches to Diversifying the STEM Professoriate. Paper presented at the 14th LACCEI Annual International Conference: “Engineering Innovations for Global Sustainability.” San Jose, Costa Rica.

Reed, A.M., Tull, R.G., Delaine, D.A., Williams, D.N., & Sigamoney, R. (2016, June). Building Global Infrastructure for Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering Education. Paper presented at 2016 ASEE International Forum, New Orleans, LA.

Reed, A.M., & Tull, R.G., (2015). Encouraging Equilibrium: Career-Life Balance Outreach and the Advancement of Women in Engineering. Proceedings of the 13th LACCEI Annual International Conference: “Engineering Education Facing the Grand Challenges, What Are We Doing?” Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Reed, A.M., & Tull, R.G. (2015). Programmatic Interventions for Developing Diverse Global Eminent Faculty Scholars Through International Collaborations Paper presented at 2015 ASEE International Forum, Seattle, WA.

Reed, A.M. & Tull, R.G. (2012). Reducing the Bottleneck: Breaking the Bottle! Addressing the Recruitment of Postdocs through Best Practices of AGEP and ADVANCE Horizons ProgramsProceedings of WEPAN 2012, Columbus, OH.


Invited Talks

Rous, P.J., Reed, A.M., & Murphy, C. (2018). STRIDE: Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence. University System of Maryland Symposium on Diversifying the Faculty. Adelphi, MD.

Reed, A.M. (2018). Best Practices in Minority Faculty Recruitment & Retention, Part 2: The Role of Technology in University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s Practices for Inclusive Excellence in Faculty Hiring. AACU Annual Meeting, Jan 24-27, 2018, Washington, D.C. 

Reed, A.M. (2017). Implicit Bias in Higher Education, JSU ADVANCE Implicit Bias Think Tank. Jackson State University, Jackson, MS.

Reed, A.M. (2016). Implicit Bias in Academic Spaces: Recognizing and Reducing its Impact. Faculty Development in Teaching Skills Workshop. University of Maryland, Baltimore. Baltimore, MD.

Reed, A.M. (2016). UMBC + Interfolio: Achieving Faculty Search Diversity with ByCommittee. Webinar.

Reed, A.M. (2016). UMBC Best Practices for Diversity and Inclusion. Indiana State University Diversity Tactical Team. Virtual Panel. 

Reed, A.M. (2015). Strategic Mentoring: Developing a Network of Support for Career Advancement. Higher Education Recruitment Consortium Fall Conference. Washington, D.C.

Reed, A.M. (2015). Diversity and Inclusion in Global Engineering Education: Initializing Global Scale Collaboration. World Engineering Education Forum. Florence, Italy.

Reed, A.M. (2014). Promising Practices from UMBC’s ADVANCE Program. Trinity College, Integer Program. Dublin Ireland.

Reed, A.M. (2013). Implicit Bias: Fixing the System at the Administrative Level. Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions: Women in STEM Forum. Cancun, Mexico.

Reed, A.M. (2013). UMBC’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for Faculty Diversity. State University of New York, Stony Brook Center for Inclusive Excellence Proseminar Series, Stony Brook, NY.


Reed, A.M., Banerjee, N., Garcin, E.D., Lutters, W., McDonough, S., Murphy, C., & Omland, K.E. (2018). Planning for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence in Your Search: A Focused Conversation with UMBC STRIDE. Workshop at the 10th Annual Understanding Interventions that Broaden Participation in Science Career Conference. Baltimore, MD.

Reed, A.M. (2016). Creating Your Aspirational CV. PROMISE Workshop. University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Reed, A.M., & Tull, R.G. (2016). Invitation to Engage: Promising Practices for Preparing Women of Color for the STEM Professoriate. Women of Color in the Academy: What’s Next? National Conference, University of Delaware ADVANCE, Newark, DE.

Conference Presentations

Reed, A.M. (2017). Invitation to Engage: Becoming a Faculty Member in Maryland. University System of Maryland PROMISE Research Symposium and Professional Development, Conference, College Park, MD. Organizer and Moderator.

Reed, A.M. (2016). Inclusive Engagement – Engineering for All. World Engineering Education Forum, Seoul, South Korea. Facilitator.

Reed, A.M. (2016). Challenging Gendered and Racial Inequality in Engineering: A Voice and Topical Analysis of #ilooklikeanengineer as Resistant Discourse. International Society for Language Studies Annual Conference. Normal, IL. Presentation.  

Reed, A.M. (2016). Fostering Institutional Mindfulness in Faculty Recruitment: Developing a STRIDE Team at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Women of Color in the Academy: What’s Next? National Conference, University of Delaware ADVANCE, Newark, DE. Presentation.  

Reed, A.M. (2015). Think Big! Broadening Horizons for Women in Engineering and Computer Science through Global Scholar Networks. Women in Engineering Proactive Network (WEPAN) Change Leader Forum. Boulder, CO. Panelist. 

G. Leibnitz, Y. Moses, Y. Huet, S. Howe, M. Levine, & Reed, A.M. (2014). ADVANCing Women Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Faculty: A Showcase of Promising Practices from National Science Foundation Funded Institutions. 8th European Conference on Gender Inequality in Higher Education. Vienna, Austria. Paper presentation

Reed, A.M. (2014). NSF ADVANCE programs: Leveling the Playing Field for Women Faculty. Women in Engineering Proactive Network (WEPAN) Change Leader Forum. Minneapolis, MN.


Teaching Experience

Politics of Language in U.S. Society, First Year Seminar, Fall 2016, Spring 2016. University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

U.S. Orientalism, First Year Seminar, Fall, 2018, Spring, 2018 Fall 2017, Spring, 2017, Spring 2016, Fall 2015, Spring 2015, Fall 2014. University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Teaching Presentations

Reed, A.M. (2018). Resisting Discourses of Othering: Facilitating USAmerican Orientalism in the Age of Trump. International Society for Language Studies Annual ConferenceWaterloo, Canada.

Reed, A.M. (2017). Language, Power, and Peace: Teaching the Politics of Language in USAmerican Society. International Society for Language Studies Annual Conference. Honolulu, HI.

Reed, A.M. (2014). Rethinking the Nation through a Freshman Course on U.S. Orientalism. National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, San Juan, PR. 

Professional Service

External Advisory Board Member, The Northern Ohio Alliance AGEP, 2016-Present.

External Reviewer, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, 2016.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium National Advisory Board, 2015-Present.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium Mid-Atlantic Advisory Board, 2011-Present.

Community Engagement

Adelante Latina- Mentor to Latina High School Student, 2015-Present.