M.O.T.H. Networks

Rules and Mission statement

Welcome to MothNet!

These are our rules. We keep them short because a lot of times things are case-specific. You must remember we’re a community trying to keep out drama, not a courthouse with lawyers, so sometimes a ban is just a ban. Our goal is to keep a safe and functioning furry community for you and your friends. Everyone works together in helping us obtain that goal and not just the moderators. We love that you’re here and hope you can abide by our rules!

  1. Be 18 years or older when joining one of our NSFW labelled chats.
  2. Don’t spam or advertise without asking an admin first.
  3. Don’t be a dick. Common sense is your friend.
  4. Non-directed jokes in poor taste are acceptable unless someone takes offence. Rape jokes are never acceptable.
  5. Glorification or promotion of illegal activities is not permitted.
  6. In general, if someone asks you not to do something because it bothers them, please stop.
  7. Unless the chat is for a specific language, please expect to use the English language.
  8. Invalidating someone’s personal identity is not okay. Likewise, don't make a big deal out of someone's identity.
  9. This is not the setting to preach your views on a particular subject when others have moved on.
  10. Don’t post politics or religion. It never ends well and you’re only setting yourself up to get into an argument.
  11. No outside bots or spamming scripts are permitted.
  12. Statements which are meant to cause harm or are generally offensive are not allowed.
  13. Tag links which are NSFW or otherwise shocking to an unexpecting audience.
  14. Casual discussion of self-harm, physically or mentally, is not acceptable. For example, talking about how you frequently drink until you pass out, or having constant mental breakdowns in chat. If you need help, reach out and one of our staff can give you a list of hotlines to call.
  15. When posting images to a chat or channel, keep them on topic.
  16. No IRL nudes in the fur chats, For access to IRL nude chat contact @Rainavera on telegram, Be prepared to show ID or proof of age.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide a Safe, Fun, and Drama-Free environment for Furries to connect together and make friends through chats, video games, and other media.

Need a Moderator?

You can ask for help any time by replying to a message with /report or pinging @admin in telegram! Or, on Discord, by pinging “@discord moderator” to grab our attention and call for an admin!


We Don’t Like Bots

We expect, and we notice that 99% of our users have a furry profile picture, or at least a profile picture to begin with, and an @ username to be able to be determined real and not a bot. We reserve the right to kick anyone who looks suspicious, simply to keep everyone safe.

If You Are Kicked, Banned, Or Asked To Stop

Debating the administration of one of the above in public is not okay. PM a mod to discuss the issue if you feel the need. If you have an issue with a particular op or admin, come to another mod. Be polite, being abrasive won’t get you what you want, remain calm, take a minute to think about what you want to say.


Chat Links

Here are a few links per platform of our chat rooms..

Game Server Addresses

Our Minecraft and bedrock servers are currently mc.mothnet.xyz and bedrock.mothnet.xyz respectively. They both require the latest version of the game’s software.