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Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Oregon Sports Office Conference Room
6:00 p.m. to  7:00 p.m.



In Attendance:






  • Call to Order, Announcement and Introductions

6:00 p.m.

6:01 p.m.

  •   Board Committee Reports (Consent Items)
  • Treasurer - Dave

  • Membership - Alan

  • Race Operations
  • July 4th - Alan
  • Garlic Festival - Steve, Alan, Hal
  • Greenway - Steve  
  • Best Dam Run - Alan, Hal
  • Blue Lake - Alan, Steve, Hal
  • Autumn Leaves - Noel and Jacob
  • Registration status: Currently 13 registrations higher than same week in 2018. Trending well.
  • Expenses status: Currently expecting a 5% increase in total costs over 2018. Key changes included:
  • Increased awards costs (2018 reused some medals and buckles from 2017, 2019 will order all new awards).
  • Increased shirt cost - switching to long sleeve
  • Added cost of buffs (shared with Dual Duel)
  • Decreased facilities cost (Pavilion not available)
  • Decreased catering cost (soup vendor from Champoeg)
  • Volunteer status: Currently light on volunteers:
  • 3 super volunteers that will help with setup, will run aid station 2, and will help with finish line area and clean up
  • 1 volunteer for packet pickup.
  • Need aid station 1 volunteers, course marshals, parking area, and tear-down/clean up volunteers including course sweeper
  • To do: Need to officially reserve the honey buckets, order the shirts and awards, order the soup.
  • Promotion ideas:
  • Social media blast showing all of the swag? Will have shirts, glasses, buffs, plaques. Can we showcase these somehow? Trying to build this up as an event that's got great swag.
  • Social media post about first time ultra runners in the event? Showcase it as a good event for people to tackle their first 50k?
  • Highlight the costume contest.
  • Turkey Trot - Steve, Alan, Hal

  • Marketing/Social Media - Randy, Meg & Mike

  • Equipment - Hal

 6:02 p.m.


  • 2020 RRCA Convention Update - Steve


      6:25 p.m.

  • Alan - Friday 10:45 to Noon - Utilizing Free and Affordable

Technology for Club Management 

  • Randy - Saturday 9:00 - 10:15am - Determining Race Pricing and What Runners Want

  • Sunday run 

  • Volunteers - November call to action

  • Board member/other sponsorship to attend convention



  • Community Outreach Program

  • Race Director meeting, Saturday, Sept 28th

    6:35 p.m


      6:45 p.m.


      7:00 p.m.