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January 18, 2021 Regular Meeting AGENDA
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January 18, 2021

Immediately following Organizational Meeting




Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day, January 18, 2021

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”

- Dr. Martin Luther King  

Board of Education for Board Appreciation Month

Cal DeKuiper will recognize and thank the Board of Education for their service.


B.   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VISITORS:                                           









A.    Approval of minutes for the December 14, 2020 regular and December 18, 2020 special board meeting.


B.          Approval of bills and ACH transfers paid as of December 2020.  Checks 133258-133513

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE                             $1,119,554.61

PAYROLL:                                                       $5,514,284.13

TOTAL:                                                          $6,633,838.74


________________________moved and ______________________ supported the motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented.



 V.             DISCUSSION

A.      Budget Amendments – Lynn VanKampen

These budgets and amendments were discussed in detail at the January 7 Finance meeting and are recommended for approval.  Lynn VanKampen will go over the highlights.   Given all the Covid concerns and challenges, all budgets are currently in a favorable position.

General Fund Budget

This amendment reflects adjustments to the fund balance for the close of the 2019-20 fiscal year.  Along with adjustments made to revenues and expenses for the 2020-21 school year.  Below are the details for each area;

Revenues:  Reinstated the per pupil allocation to $8,111 with student count based on the super blend which is a combination of 2019-20 and 2020-21 student count, minor adjustments to both federal and state grants, reduction of $200,000 in athletic tickets and gate receipts.

Expenditures: Increase to costs due to the step and 2% COLA given to all staff, with the addition of two full time staff members; facilities assistant and a Network manager.

We are currently projecting a deficit of approximately $1.9 mil, with the fund balance to be approximately $9.4 mil or 12.44% of revenues for 2020-21

Food Service Budget

This amendment reflects adjustments to the fund balance for the close of 2019-20 and adjustments made to revenues and expenses due to staff raises and the federal free meals program for the 2020-21 fiscal year due to COVID.  There is a planned deficit budget due to the MDE required spend down of the fund balance.  We are allowed to hold 3 months of cash flow in our fund balance without having to spend the funds down and currently have five months. The projected fund balance for the end of the 2020-21 fiscal year is $676,387.

Meals served from March - August 2020  158,247

Meals Served from Sept - Dec 2020   Breakfast  34,115     Lunch 141,315

Debt Retirement Budget

This amendment reflects adjustments to the fund balance for the close of 2019-20 and updates budgets according to the taxable values to be collected and expenses due to the refunding. The amended budget reflects a deficit in excess revenues due to the refunding that took place in July 2020.  Projected fund balance to be $1.3 million at the end of the 2020-21 fiscal year. Tax rates are anticipated to remain neutral for the next few years.

Building & Site Budget

This amendment reflects adjustments to the fund balance for the close of the 2019-20 and budgets according to taxable values to be collected and expenses due to district projects. In the month of December we purchased 52 acres with an IPA, this budget reflects the $900,000 purchase amount and the quarterly payments to Huntington.  This budget still has included $415,000 in additional land purchases for the fiscal year.  If this land expenditure does occur, we are projecting a deficit budget of $190,903, with a fund balance of  $2.4 million at the end of the 2020-21 fiscal year.

Student Activities 

Please recall this is a newer budget per changes in State of Michigan accounting requirements.  This consolidated budget contains all student activity accounts that used to be part of many other budgets. This amendment reflects the changes in the fund balance as of June 30, 2020, and adjustments to reflect the inability to hold activities due to COVID.  We are estimating revenues and expenses based on year to date revenues and expenses. This will continue to be a fluid budget as we track this fund differently.

Community Recreation Budget

This amendment reflects the fund balance as of June 30,2020 and updates to the revenues and expenditures as we know currently.  COVID has had a negative effect on recreation more so than any other budget for this fiscal year.  We are currently showing excess revenues of $10,475, with a projected fund balance to be $312,945 (19%) for June 30, 2021. We will continue to monitor this fund very closely during the next months. This department has made timely and effective decisions throughout COVID. Nonetheless, it is likely that this department will need continued General Fund assistance to get through COVID.

Community Services Budget

This amendment reflects adjustments to the fund balance for the close of the 2019-20 and updates the revenue and expenditure budgets.  There are mainly two reasons for the adjustments, staffing wage increase and the effects COVID has made to the budget, especially for Z Kids and childcare.  At the end of the 2020-21 fiscal year the fund balance is projected to be $1,082,800.

B.     Operational Millage  – Lynn VanKampen

This ballot item is part of our annual funding request and is necessary for ZPS to remain at our full funding - which is the state guaranteed minimum.  Our Operating Millage currently is approved through the 2021 tax year (21-22 fiscal year);  this would be a renewal for the 2022 tax year (22-23 fiscal year).  This is $8,886,913 of the current budget revenues, approximately 12%.Without voter approval, ZPS will fall below the state guaranteed minimum per pupil grant. This resolution was prepared by Thrun Law on our behalf, placing our annual renewal referendum to the voters on the May 4, 2021, ballot.   If we voted in August or November, it would be considered an increase, not a renewal, because the City of Zeeland collects 100% of taxes on July 1st.  This is the 18 mill non-homestead operating millage; the ballot language handles the Headlee restoration already approved by the voters, and notes “not to exceed 18 mills”.  If this resolution fails, the approximate loss to the district will be $8,886,913.  This district would fall an equal amount below the state guaranteed minimum.  ZPS voters have already approved funding through 2021-22.  This vote would be for 2022-23 fiscal year budget.  I recommend you move this to Action and approve.

C.   May 4, 2021 Bond Resolution                 Cal DeKuiper, Lynn VanKampen

2021 Bond Proposal Information                    

As we consider a potential May 2021 bond referendum, it is important we review our journey to this point.  Prior to placing the referendum on the May, 2020, ballot, the district spent over a year working with many experts, interested groups, key individuals, and surveying our community.  Community surveys were overwhelmingly positive.   Please recall we removed the bond referendum from the ballot last May, due to Covid.  Because we are a growing community, because we have already grown out of many current facilities, and because we are significantly behind, due to costs, on upkeep of HVAC, etc., or current facilities, most of the needs still exist.  Also resulting from COVID, it is difficult to project our future enrollment growth.  Because of this, we should not consider building a new middle school building at this time.  If growth returns, ZPS voters could make a decision regarding a new middle school at a later date, as late as August, 2025, and still be in good timing for the need.  Important at this point in time, this is still estimated to be without a tax increase.

Between your November meeting and this meeting, the district needed to make numerous Covid adjustments.  In the ever changing environment of Covid times, it is difficult to communicate effectively with community members.  The needs are the same needs as were studied and determined over an 18 month time period, now about two years ago. We did not utilize a survey or hold the work session.  Committees held discussions in December.

From Board of Education December, 2020, Regular meeting discussion:

There is a reasonable prediction that Covid will have a conclusion and that in-person school will continue?

These items are still endorsed as important needs by our ZPS community?

Two surveys previously showed significant support for a tax neutral plan.  This plan is still tax neutral.

We believe the district can hold a safe election in May, 2021.

At least eight other districts in lower West Michigan planning May, 2020, elections.

Per our counsel, from a taxpayer perspective, this is still a good time to sell bonds.

I recommend you move this to Action this evening.

D.   EXTENDED CONTINUATION OF LEARNING PLAN -  Dr. Brandi Mendham & Holly Boehle -On August 20, 2020, Governor Whitmer signed House Bill 5913 into law as Public Act 149.  Section 98a states that in order to receive state aid for 2020-2021, districts must provide for instruction under an extended COVID-19 Learning Plan that has been approved by an intermediate district or authorizing body.  The Plan does not replace the District’s COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, it is an additional plan that includes new assurances and sections on educational goals, instructional delivery, grading, and equitable access.  District educational goals written for all students and all subgroups were to be established no later than September 15, 2020, and submitted in their Plan to the ISD or Authorizing Body, as applicable, no later than October 1, 2020, for approval. This was completed.  ISDs transmit the approved plan to the superintendent of public instruction and the state treasurer.   ZPS met those requirements.

We are now required to re-approve this plan every month during a meeting that has a public comment opportunity. Here is the Reconfirmation document to review our most current data & plan for delivery of instruction. This plan was reconfirmed by ZPS leaders, in partnership with the ZEA,  and  is ready for your review.  I recommend you again approve in Action this evening.

E.  Bid Approvals

Each bid is either a low bid by ZPS process or the low state bid. .  This was reviewed in detail by the Finance committee on January 5, 2021.  All are 2015 bond approved distributions.    The 125 iPad and cases are state bid; Journalism computers are low bid.  The Cityside HVAC is critical as this is also the boiler that heats the pools.  We have approximately $400,000 remaining in 2015 bond funds for technology and 1:1 devices.   $1.2 million remains in HVAC updates.  With the unknown outcome of a potential May, 2021 bond that includes $16,000,000 in HVAC and similar updates, we are holding this $1.2 million in the event of catastrophic failure prior to a bond outcome.

Bid Approvals         

I recommend you approve all in Action.

VI.           ACTION:


_______________moved and ____________supported the motion to approve the budget amendments as presented.





_____________ moved and _____________supported the motion to approve the resolution to put before the voters of the district on May 4, 2021, a proposition for a one-year renewal of the non-homestead property tax not to exceed 18.000 mills. 



_______________ moved and _______________ supported the motion to approve the bond and resolution to put before the voters of the district on May 4, 2021.



___________________ moved and _______________ supported the motion to approve the ECOL Reconfirmation document for the next 30 days.


E.           BID APPROVAL

___________________ moved and _______________ supported the motion to approve the bids as presented.




        _____________ moved and ____________ supported the motion that the Board of Education of the Zeeland Public Schools convene in closed session for discussion to consider the purchase or lease of real property per Section 8(d) of the Open Meetings Act.


The closed session meeting of January 18, 2021 returned to open session and adjourned at ___________PM.