Mission Critical Applicant SCUF NRMP Match Information

Every Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Applicant and Program is participating in the SCUF NRMP Match this year! Our community made this “All In” decision to help ensure a fair and successful match for every applicant. This applies even to internal candidates. Everyone.


What Does this Really Mean for You the Applicant?

-In addition to registering on EUSFellowships.com, you must also register for the match at the NRMP R3 website. Information on the registration process can be found here.

-You will need to pay a one-time NRMP registration fee of $85. This is separate from EUSFellowships.com fees (It’s all still dirt cheap in comparison to residency applications).

-The same rules of behavior that applied to residency match apply to the NRMP’s fellowship match, i.e. the Match outcome is binding, etc. More details can be found here.

-Ranking can begin 9/26/18 and the ranking deadline is 10/31/18 at 9pm EST.

-Match Day (for Ultrasound, EMS, and Tox) is 11/14/18!

-You do NOT need to register for (or even look at) ERAS—EUSfellowships.com is the sole application process for Ultrasound fellowships.


For a detailed discussion, please check out our interview on ALiEM.com.

Still Need Help? 

SCUF Match Committee Chair: Jeremy Boyd jeremy.s.boyd@vanderbilt.edu

SCUF Match Committee Member: Arthur Au arthurkau@gmail.com

SCUF President: John Bailitz johnbailitz@gmail.com

NRMP Support at support@nrmp.org