Lab Safety Guided Notes: Input

Bell Work: Problem 3--List of lab safety rules from pictures

  1. K…
  2. K…
  3. W…
  4. W…
  5. T…
  6. S…

General Rules: Problem 4

  1. Report all accidents        
  2. Keep pathways clear
  3. Wear sensible clothing
  4. Work quietly
  5. Waft chemicals
  6. Keep  test tubes  pointed toward the ceiling and below eye level
  7. Keep trash out of sinks
  8. Leave the work station clean
  9. Remain at your station unless you get permission
  10. Keep body movements under control
  11. Read and follow instructions
  12. Transport materials safely
  13. Keep food and drink out ot the lab

Question: What does it mean to waft? _________________________________________________________________________

Categorizing: Use the picture in the right corner

Question: What is the general topic of the items in the picture? _______________

Question: Into what three categories would you place the items? ___________, ___________, _____________.


Name___________________ Period____

Lab Safety Guided Notes: Output

Output 4: Lab Safety Graphic Organizer

Problem 4

Output 4: Lab Safety T-Chart

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