Lauren LeMay (Ana Talos)

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Performer, Narrator, born in Romania, I reside in Los Angeles with my two boys, my husband, photographer Kevin Break and our 4 cats.  We live at The Jesus Wall Photo Studio at the Brewery Lofts, a place for live in work artists.  


Completed: narrating and publishing Dracula by Bram Stoker

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Next: publishing of Ana’s notebook poems written in Romanian in the 1993-1994


Lauren began narrating books in 2004.  Recently she is narrating fiction works as well as spiritual literature.

The Book of Jubilees


Ana narrates a spiritual workshop given by dr. Bob


Dracula by Bram Stoker with Annotations by Ana (Lauren) in Romanian



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November 25, 2020: A month long quarantine was issued two days ago and they set in place a curfew because of Corona Virus cases multiplying faster.  I never experienced anything like this before.  I feel trapped but I take refuge in the silence of my sound booth.  My boys are always home because of online learning.  I’ll plan a photoshoot and a recent narration passage will be posted soon.  

About    Projects   Narration   Books  Pictures   Resume   Updates   Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  YouTube  


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