Coach Success Guidance

Dear Iowa Learning Online Coach:  Thank you for your efforts in helping students in your District succeed. Your role forms the communication bridge between the school and ILO.

Term start:


Coach Should

Troubleshooting Strategies

Week 1

  • Meet with each student to log into the course. Review the Student Guidance and syllabus.
  • Set a daily/weekly time for students to consistently meet with you to review progress.
  • Ask the students if they have finished the Orientation lesson.
  • Receive passwords from the teacher for weeks 1-10.
  • Have the student check their spam email folder if they do not have their login.
  • It is recommended students log on and show you the tasks accomplished.
  • Please notify parents and school administration if students have not logged on or contacted you.
  • Consult the Coaching Orientation or contact ILO with questions.

Week 2

  • Check to see students have completed the Orientation and began unit 1.
  • Check to see students have a pattern of at least 3 logins with 2 hours of work time per week.  
  • Remind parents and guardians that they can create an Observer account to view student progress.
  • Help students get caught up or talk to teachers.
  • Make sure the websites students need are not blocked at school and let tech staff know.  See left column for details.
  • Here is the link to more information on the Observer Account

Week 3

  • Review Progress Report #1 with the student.  
  • Grace period ends.  Students become official enrollments.  The Department of Education will charge the district an enrollment fee of $285 per student, per semester course (waitlist fee may apply).  
  • Continue working with the student to plan for success throughout the semester
  • Talk with the student about their current progress, activity, and plan going forward.  Schedule session with parent or guidance for problem-solving if student is not achieving.
  • If a student withdraws from a course within the first three-weeks, there will be no charge to the district/school. Billing will occur after the ILO grace period ends each semester.
  • Talk to teacher to develop support plan as needed.