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Getting knocked out in the Semis last season to the eventual champions made the mad-dogs even hungrier. He managed to keep his roster in check with a little good fortune in signing Karlsson for under market value. The Perennial Norris candidate is out but he’s banking on 2nd overall pick McAvoy can help fill the gap in the mean time. Still the Huskies are atop the power rankings and once again the team to beat.



Another victim to the Habitants last season with a first round knockout. The Cheesemen return with their solid, well rounded and depth filled team. Not putting a solid keeper in net may be the Achilles heel of this team. With disgruntled Gibson holding out for more Parmesan, can Elliott and Lehner be enough to lift this team out of cheese fondue purgatory? 




Following an injury riddled season in net, the Pens are hoping that this season will bring more puck luck. So far realignment has been kind with the P.O.W. conference. So many questions surrounding this team. Is Connor worth his big ticket contract? Will the signing of Weber be enough to help their middle of the pack defence, how much does OV have in the tank? So far this is good enough for 3rd overall but lets see if they can live up to the hype.




What a draft for the Brewers. They manage to land both Nico and Nolan. They start the year with Talbot in net, a healthy Eichel and pick up more depth up front with Phil ‘the hot dog eating machine’ Kessel, Benn and the rejuvenated Marleau. This team can do some damage, but are stuck in the group of death, the Norris. The only question is, same as the Pens, is their D-core strong enough? Time will tell.



A fairly quiet off season for the Nords but they still ice a very solid team. Excellent forward depth will require very astute coaching to predict who will be hot week to week. This along with one of the best defence in the league should be enough to make the playoffs. Questions surrounding their goalie situation loom large. What kind of a season will Rask have and how much ice time with Saros get? With no money to spend for deadline deals, will this be enough?



And this wraps up all four teams in the Norris in the top 6. WOW!! This may be the highest the Fury have ever been ranked pre-season. Their forwards are right up there with the best, their D-men are solid and their goaltending CAN be stellar but will it? Another beast in the Norris division, will make for beauty matchups week in and week out. Calder candidate Clayton Keller is going to be one to watch.  



This is what icing a shit team year in and year out will do for you...take note Kalat!! What a group of studs on this team. The kids will run wild scoring at will this season but a suspect D-core hinging on Letang’s health may be their downfall. Not in the Norris but still in the Clarence, 4 playoff spots and 6 strong teams to compete with, this team needs to take advantage of their 2 year window, if not, it could be tank nation all over again!




A very solid offseason brings the Hitmen up in the standings to start the season. They addressed concerns up front big time and go against their age old philosophy of icing a small talent laden team. Depth is the name of the game here with a potentially great defence…potentially. If all players fire on all cylinders this could be the dark horse in the league with a chance to take it all. Andersen in net should be a beast with the Buds. Watch out, the Hitmen could quickly rise to the top of the Wales conference.




Congratulations on winning the whole enchilada!! After winning the championship and almost stripping down their roster, the Habitants address some needs and pick up Atkinson. Not getting McDavid was a huge blow to this team but they still have Price in net…oh wait, they’re shopping him? He could pay off huge returns if the Habs are successful in moving him but in reality, who wants a Montreal Canadian on their team anyways? They could make some noise in the easiest Division, the Patrick.



WHAT A SHIT TEAM!!! My god, what were you thinking when you signed these guys? Seriously, did someone put some shrooms in your meat lovers pizza??? In all seriousness, this team has some very very good pieces that can do some serious damage but with gaping holes in net their only saving grace is their conference. The Leafs will stay in the middle of the pack the entire season and wither and die come season’s end. Start looking towards the draft.




The horses should be ranked higher but the Leafs offence edges them out. Solid defence but marginal goaltending and inconsistent offence might be trouble for the horsemen. Should other teams in the P.O.W. falter, the Stallions could take advantage of this and jump up in the standings early.



A very solid team but its stars are aging. The team will hinge on the health and production of Byfuglien, Getzlaf and Lundqvist. Some young pieces like Kuznetsov and Hoffman are solid but without the vets producing, this may be a long long season for the crazyheads.



YOU STOLE SIDNEY!! That’s going to be the cry from the Habs all season long. Can Sidney be enough to lift the gunmen from the basement of the league? If he does, he will have the league MVP all wrapped up. Bishop in net could be solid but aging pieces just like the Eradicators and stuck in the Clarence, he may be in tough all season long.




Some solid pickups in the off season and he boosts his lineup. Helping out his D with Suter and picking up studs in Simmonds and Neal, should help the Bass this season but they’ll be in very tough if they don’t get consistency in scoring. Being in the Patrick will help considerably and should his boys exceed expectations, the fish could move up the standings quite well. You still have some cash to spend so start spending!




The Griffins sit back on their money and show some patience. Taking on a horrible contract of Corey Perry….Its ok, don’t judge him, he always seems to come out from the ashes and rise to the top. Congratulations on an excellent run, once again, in the playoffs. With a stock pile of cash to blow next year he’ll either be like Kevin Lowe moving from Edmonton to the Rangers or maybe more like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman shopping on Rodeo drive. Sit back and let’s see how things unfold.




I don’t know what to say. This is kind of like when you’re running a marathon, and you discover you have a blister on your foot. You can’t turn around cause you’re right in the middle and everyone would laugh at you. You could hop in an Uber and cheat your way to the finish line but you blew all your cash on candy so you just keep on chugging along, as your foot gets sweatier and sweatier, just waiting for that blister to pop sending puss squirting all over the place in a disgusting mess. That’s where you are Kalat, in a disgusting mess!! Open another bottle of scotch to numb the pain!!!

Playoff Picture – If the season ended today

        Prince of Wales Conference                                        

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