-Ambiguous (monstrous)

-Very tall, around 7’4”

-Both of his legs are prosthetic from just below the knee down. One of them was lost while he was at Power LLC, the other after he escaped. His arm is robotic and was built by him and Eric recently.

-He is rough, like concrete, although his skin is still flexible, while still thick.

-He has a powerful hand that can crush an apple no sweat.

-He has two antennae that act as his eyes and ears, they were implanted after he was decapitated.

-His voice is growly and hoarse

-Dirty Clothing



Character Stats

        -Blood 0

        -Heart 1

        -Mind 1

        -Spirit 1

Starting Factions

        -Mortality 1

        -Night 0*

        -Power 1*

        -Wild 0*

Intro Questions

        -Who are you?

Christoph is an human experiment who was kidnapped by Power LLC at an unknown time in his life. He was subject to many, many tests that led to his disfigurement, and near loss of life. He was created as an asset to make disposing of vampires and enemies of the company easier, and was granted many offensive capabilities. Another employee decided enough was enough, though, and freed him from his shackles. He now lives as a vigilante in Puerto Tierra, trying his best to protect the innocent, and make sure no one gets captured by Power LLC.

-How long have you been in the city?

He has lived in the city for his entire life.

-What was your greatest accomplishment in the city?

Christoph once rescued two people from a building fire, and was later asked to be on a news show. When he showed up, the hosts were frightened and called the whole thing off. He went home with a slice of cake from one of the producers, as he felt bad for him. Christoph laughed it off.

-Why did you stop?

He was worried about losing his other arm to a vampire, like he lost his right leg.

        -What do you desperately need?

He needs someone to remind him to take care of himself, as he is really bad remembering to do it on his own.


        -Warehouse Hideout


         -Smart Phone

        -Workspace (Feature)

        -9mm Beretta (2-Harm Close Loud)


        -You have a workspace that includes a large space for your tools and/or supplies. When you go into your workspace to work on something, the MC tells you what it will take to complete.

        -Choose 3: a junkyard of raw materials, transmitters & receivers, a library of old books.

        -Items created in your workspace are safe from the MC. They can’t be destroyed or taken without your permission, even if you sell or give them away to another character.


        -Someone relies on you for training or knowledge. They owe you 2 Debts

                Headless, upon obliterating a Vampire mid-attack, was promised a friend in the person he had saved. This person he saved ended up looking up to him, and is starting to make moves to become a supernatural investigator in their own right.

        -You’re working on something big for someone, and it’s nearly ready. They owe you a Debt.

                Christopher is working to try and repay some homeless dude that mistook him for a dog and held on to him for an entire night. He’s trying to make him a cake but he doesn’t know where the man is.

        -Someone keeps pulling your ass out of the fire. You owe them 2 Debts

                Eric, one of the hitmen for the same Corporation, Power LLC that Christopher was in, is the one that had broke him out of their captivity. When Chris expressed his uneasiness about his future wellbeing, Eric decided to help him out.

Veteran Moves

        -Old Friends, Old Favors: When you first encounter an NPC—rather than putting a face to a name—you may declare them an old friend and roll with Mind. On a hit, they offer you comfort and aid, even if it exposes them to danger or retribution. On a 7-9, tell the MC why you owe them a Debt. On a miss, tell the MC why they want you dead.

        -Too Old for this Shit!: When you get caught up in a fight you tried to
prevent, you get armor+1 and take +1 ongoing to seeing yourself and others to safety.

        -Gun to a Knife Fight: When you unleash an attack on someone by seriously
escalating the conflict, roll with Mind instead of Blood.

Drama Moves

        -Corruption Move: When you knowingly head straight into danger, mark corruption.

        -Intimacy Move: When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, tell them a story about the past and the lessons you learned. Choose 1:

• You both take +1 forward

• You take +1 forward and they take -1 forward

• Hold 1. Spend the hold to lend a hand to that character from any distance

        -End move: When you die or retire your character, choose a character to inherit your workspace and True Artist.



        - harm

Advancement Tracks:





        -Corruption: | | | | _

STANDARD ADVANCES - Advances available at beginning of play:

b +1 Heart (max +3)

b +1 Mind (max +3)

b +1 Spirit (max +3)

b A new Veteran move

b A new Veteran move

b Add 2 more features to your workspace

b A move from another Archetype

b A move from another Archetype

b Change your Faction

After 5 advances you may select:

b +1 to any stat (max +3)

b +1 any Faction (max +3)

b Erase a scar

b Erase a corruption advance

b Erase a corruption advance

b Advance 3 basic moves

b Advance 3 basic moves

b Retire your character to safety

b Change to a new Archetype


b Take a corruption move

b Take a corruption move

b Take a corruption move

b Take a corruption move from another Archetype

b Retire your character. They may return as a Threat


b Back at It: Take a standard move and a corruption move from another Archetype. Whenever you use those moves, mark corruption.

b Pack Rat: You may mark corruption to reach into your kit and find just the thing you need to deal with your current situation.

b Catch You Fuckers at a Bad Time?: Mark corruption to arrive in a scene. Mark an additional corruption to bring someone with you.

b Dark Experiments: When you “work over” someone (alive or dead) in your workspace, mark corruption and roll with Mind. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 2:

• What is your weakness?

• What are you hiding?

• What are you afraid of?

• What are you, really?

• What are you planning? On a miss, ask 1, but someone from their Faction knows what you did.