My philosophy on education is two-fold where it is important to teach the student as a whole and accept their feelings and thoughts and actions. Second, as I studied and researched Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, it drove me to believe that there are many ways that students can learn. There are many learning styles in all content (even with technology) that being an adaptable, open-minded teacher is important.

When I taught French I brought in many different modalities for students to learn the subject, through song, creation and interactions. Now that I teach technology my philosophy has not changed. I have gained more knowledge working with K-12 my district and in training districts. I lead and model lessons with technology to help teachers make their lessons even better.  I do not believe technology is the end-all but it is a tool to enhance lessons. Technology is not just a computer, it is a way of solving problems. Now that I am no longer teaching French in the classroom but working to model and train teachers my impact on student education is far greater.

I look for ways to teach students and teachers how to collaborate and communicate in more effective ways. Google for Education has become one of the most powerful tools for teachers, parents and students to communicate with one another. I have worked in and trained districts Design Thinking to process and solve problems. It is a great model to test theories and be empathetic with the audience.

I hope to empower students to really think beyond their immediate space and “10x” to problem solve. This prepares them to solve bigger issues in the world to no say “no, but” but rather  “yes, and” in a conversation to build ideas and fail fast when working on projects.

It is necessary in this leadership role to keep up with what is new and forward-thinking.  Providing experiences of digital citizenship for students to teach students and teachers what is safe and keep them protected is a priority. Next, professional development for teachers in digital workflow and choosing applications that can make a positive impact without wasting time.