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Zelda ALTTP Randomizer Crossworld Keysanity 2022 Tournament
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Zelda ALTTP Randomizer Crossworld Keysanity 2022 Tournament

Tournament Introduction

The ALTTPR Crosskeys Tournament is back again! In this tournament, you will be required to visit every door in Hyrule in a quest for connectors, items, dungeons and keys. Will you find your way to the end? Join and find out.


Registration will be through at

Players will also need to join the tournament Discord server:

Registration is open up to a player cap of 192 on a first-come first serve basis.


The tournament will take place in two phases. The tournament will start with a Swiss stage that will last from 6-8 weeks depending on the number of participants in the tournament. The length will be announced as we generate the first pairings. Afterwards, the top 16 runners will advance to a single-elimination best of three bracket, with the finals being a best of five situation.

In the event of a tie, all runners who are tied with a record that could push them into the top 16 will participate in a tiebreaker race to determine who advances. This race will take place in the vicinity of the Saturday following the end of the final Swiss round. However, the exact time will be determined by consensus of the tied runners, with async accommodations available to runners who are unable to make the agreed upon time.

In the case of the Swiss round having an odd number of players, the chosen runner for a bye is considered to be given a victory.

Format and Schedule

Starting July 5, 2022, each runner will be required to play one match per week against their specified opponent, which will be determined as soon as the final match for each round is played. Because any delay in the round delays the entire tournament, our round deadlines will be quite rigid, with matches needing to be completed by 11:59 PM Eastern time on the Wednesday of each week. In the event of scheduling complications or unresponsive opponents, please reach out to tournament admins (preferably with message proof).

The first round of Swiss will be seeded to mitigate the randomness of the tournament. The seeding will be done in order as follows:

1- 2021 Crosskeys Tournament placements.

2- ALTTPR Ladder Lifetime Crosskeys Rank

3- Random

The first Swiss round will simply be pairs of one runner from the top half of seedings and one runner from the bottom half of seedings. Afterwards, runners will be paired based on their in-tournament record.

After all of the Swiss rounds have completed, the runners will move to a best of three single-elimination bracket, with the expectation being that a round of three can be completed in 2 weeks.

The grand champion will be awarded with the 2022 Crossworld Keysanity Official Winners Certificate and the honorary Furaime role. In the event of a previous winner reclaiming a title they will earn a Super Furaime role.

Game Settings & Rules

Tournament Rules

       Crossworld, Keysanity, 7/7 Fast Ganon. No Hints.

       Quickswap, regular menu speed.

All minor glitches are allowed and all major glitches are banned according to the competitive racing ruleset :

Minor Glitches definitions:

Major Glitches definitions:

The current live version of the randomizer will always be used for all matches. If an                update is released midway through a stage then the new version will be used.

More rules - Twitch, cheating, harassment, emulator settings:

Please read this document thoroughly:

Auto-tracking is allowed for this tournament per the rules prescribed by the ALTTPR Racing Council which allows for items to be tracked but not entrances.

Please use the form provided here to schedule matches:

Any race that finishes within 2 seconds on will be considered a tie and will be re-run with the same game settings.

In the event of an in-game crash, console or emulator crash or power outage that results in a runner’s impossibility to complete his race, the final decision to have a re-race or take the win will go to the opponent (assuming the opponent completed the seed).

Racing Platform

All tournament races will be completed on

Guide to getting setup on

Seed Generation

If your race is not being re-streamed, the players will be responsible to generate their race seed using SahasrahBot in the race room. The seed should be generated no more than 10 minutes before the start.

If your race is being re-streamed, the admins or restreamers admin will be responsible to generate the race seed in the race room.

The command to use is simply !race crosskeys

 Match Reporting

 Please report results using the results-reporting channel in the tournament discord.

 Info required for both players - names, times and room link.

Delay Policy

A 10 minutes delay is required for you to play in this tournament. However, upon the agreement of both runners in a match, the delay may be waived. Note that no runner should feel pressured into dropping a delay requirement, and any pressure should be reported to the admins.

VOD Availability

Please local record your races, as if you have a missing or very choppy VOD, it may need to be uploaded.

Please publish your VODs of your races ASAP and keep them available for the duration of the tournament. You may need to highlight them to ensure they remain available.

Keeping Things Fair

This tournament is purely for fun. Please be fair and honorable.

Do not accuse other players of cheating in public, please DM a tournament Admin if you have something you need to escalate.

Use your common sense, do not do anything that could give yourself or another racer an unfair advantage.

The Admins reserve the right to use their best judgment when dealing with anything that comes up. This could include overturning match results, expulsion from the tournament, or other rulings.

The tournament admins reserve the right to make any minor changes to these rules that are deemed in the best interest of the tournament.