Pitman Middle School Spanish classes enjoyed the presentation, of  a Valued Community Member and Guest Speaker who visited us, from the Pitman Police Department this week. We are thankful for the opportunity we had to meet a Pitman PD officer and learn about what is required to become a police officer. We learned that to be a police officer you have to attend school at the Police Academy at RCGC. We also learned you have to go to physical training academy where you will get in the best shape that  you have ever been in. Then you have to take a test and finally get your badge. After you get your badge, you have to work with a FTO (Field Training Officer) to learn how to interact with the community; manage the everyday duties of being an officer and learn how to be prepared for the unexpected.

Our guest speaker is currently studying Spanish at Rowan University. The Pitman Police Officer who came to visit our class shared with us that he is learning Spanish to be more useful on the job, to  help others and work cases where understanding of  Spanish is needed. We learned that there are many reasons why knowing Spanish can be useful on the job. Officers can use another language when  helping out traffic accident victims, taking criminal descriptions and working to document statements from victims and witnesses that will hold up in court.

We also enjoyed getting to know the officer better as he shared some study tips for us. He recommended that one of the best ways to improve your Spanish is to make friends with someone who already knows Spanish. That way, you can practice everything you are learning in class but also get to learn some everyday words  and ways of interacting in the community, which may not be explained in a textbook. Our class enjoyed sharing ice pops while we listened to our special speaker and asked questions about why it would be good to become a police officer. After such a nice presentation, we will be sure to say “Hola” to any officers we meet around town and we will  also be asking if any officers have  Pitman Police Officer trading cards. We are especially waiting to see who will be first  to get a trading card with the Pitman Police Dog named Ranger.

Thank you again to the Pitman Police Department for taking time out of your day to show us how Spanish can enhance your career and make people more valuable and effective on the job and in the community.

Gracias Pitman PD !