John L. Sokol  &  Aryeh Friedman  May 3, 2008

(OpenSecret is only a temporary working name)


   Unforgeable proof of document authenticity.  Digital Fingerprints of a electronic documents.


John Sokol is currently working for Vetronix Inc in Santa Barbara, CA doing New product development for Automotive diagnostic systems. Vetronix is a subsidiary of Bosch Corporation.

Aryeh Friedman is now getting his Ph.D in Computer Science. He is living in Monsey, NY.

For over 10 years John and Aryeh have collaborated on a number of projects, SDSN one of the first CDN's (Content Distribution Networks), ECIP (Error Correction over IP) , AfterBurner the fasted web server and currently working in an entry to the NIST Secure hash Challenge.


Basic idea is a Fingerprint like a checksum is generated for a document that is automatically sent to a secure data base that is backed up.

 this is kept by 1 or more trusted credible third parties that act as digital notary that can bear witness to the authenticity of a document without having had seen or had direct access to that document.

This way a legally verification that a document or file was in the possession of party X on or before a given date.

 This could be used to prove the authenticity of video clips from CCTV recorders,

 Legal documents, contracts, Patents and other notes, even faxes and other scanned PDF documents etc.

 The most important part is that the documents that are being recorded as far as date and time, never get viewed and remain secure and private, but are still verifiable as some later date.

Competitive Analysis:

  This would compete with traditional Notary Public services, Legal Witnesses and Copyrights for some legal functions.

 More importantly, this technology enables a flood of whole new services that are not currently available.  

Being able to mark and authenticate all forms of Digital documents, audio, video and scanned images automatically without disclosure of sensitive data to outside third parties.


   Law firms, Video Surveillance, alarm companies, all financial institutions (Banks, loans, mortgages, credit card companies, collection agencies)

  patent and trademark companies, music and film companies.


  Any and all businesses that do contracts, agreements or create intellectual property.

Time and Cost:

   Software development: End user applications and API's

   Infrastructure: Back-end servers, tech support, web site

   Partners: recruiting trusted third parties that can vouch for data authenticity

   Offices: Basic operations

   Marketing: Tradeshows, New Papers, Magazines, consumer education

   It's estimated $5M and 1 year to revenues, 3 to profitability.