Updates: The Cruise Package is complete and posted above.  By posting it here we have made it available to all members.  The link for the Cruise sign-up information in Constant Contact is above.  We will have at least two Cruise Meetings (July 19th at 7PM & July 22nd at 4PM) to go over the information provided and answer any questions members may have.

Click here to contact Bob Kern, Fleet Captain


Mooring Information

  • Sat 8/4 -- Block Island -- Town Moorings first come first serve basis – two boats on a mooring allowed - Party on the Beach in New Harbor


  • Sun 8/5 --- Three Mile Harbor -- Three Mile Harbor Marina Moorings - Rafting with three boats on a mooring is allowed

  • Mon 8/6 -- Three Mile Harbor -- Wine & Cheese Raft Cocktail Party

  • Tues 8/7 -- Coecles Harbor on Shelter Island – Mooring/Dock info below – Commodore’s Cocktail Party at the Ram’s Head Inn - Coecles Harbor

  • Wed 8/8 - - Coecles Harbor on Shelter Island – Possibility of wine tour and/or a drink/dinner at Rams Head Inn or SIYC

  • Thurs 8/9 -- Stonington - Cruise Dinner @ Stonington Harbor Yacht Club

Moorings for Three Mile Harbor, NY

  • There are only 5 transient moorings at the Three Mile Harbor Marina and I asked 5 folks on the WYC cruise to reserve all five moorings for two nights.
  • They do allow three boats to raft together (weather permitting) so no reservations needed for a mooring of up to 10 additional boats. With three boats on a mooring cost is ~ $65/boat/night. You will need to pay upon rafting up.
  • When the cruise sign up comes out you will be able to sign up for a mooring and we will create a float plan. Transient docking and anchoring are also available. The TMH marinas have decks, cocktails, and restaurants to visit.

Shelter Island, NY Information

  • Coecles Harbor Marina & Boat Yard: Please contact the Coecles Harbor Marina directly for a dock/mooring reservation and ask for Nancy Triska (631) 749-0700 Ext 10. Make sure you mention that you are on the WYC Summer Cruise and they will apply a 10% discount.
  • Rafting with other WYC boats and dock space is available.

Stonington, CT Options

  • SHYC has 240ft of linear space (no dock rafting allowed) @ $3.50/ft. Click here to visit their DOCKWA page.
  • Thanks to feedback from Kem Vassallo, we now know that you cannot make a dock reservation via DOCKWA directly for the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club (SHYC). When we told the SHYC that we would be there on August 9th for the cruise dinner, they blocked that date on DOCKWA for the WYC, so reservations cannot be made by others on that date.
  • If you would like dock space at the SHYC, please call them directly and tell them you are on the WYC Cruise. Katie Canning at (860) 535-0112 will assist you in making a reservation.
  • For a mooring in Stonington at Dodson, I talked with Bob Snyder the owner, they have > 25 moorings available but on a first come first serve basis – should not be a problem.