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10th Grade English - 203/204ENG
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  10th Grade English -  203/204ENG

Instructor:  Laura Wight



In Pre-AP English 2, students develop analytical reading, academic writing, critical thinking, and presentation skills. Course content includes Biblical allusions, short story, poetry, drama, and novels. Students engage in the writing process to produce increasingly sophisticated essays. Students analyze literature, conduct research, and synthesize meaning from historical, cultural, and intellectual contexts while pursuing multiple themes. Analytical reading instruction extends understanding of literary elements and language and writing instruction extends proficiency in the three modes of writing as outlined by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS): narrative, explanatory/informative, and argumentative. In addition, students develop CCSS language standards.


Module 0: Course Intro

In this module, you will find information about the course structure, pacing, Grading policy, and expectations. You will also learn about and how to contact your instructor, and participate in your opening course discussion.

Semester One

Module 1: The Power of Persuasion

Module 1 asks students to consider how carefully selected words can have power. Through a study of argumentative texts, students develop the ability to identify how authors attempt to persuade their audiences—and how they can use those same techniques to strengthen their own writing. This module asks students to take a stance on multiple topics, including issues related to technology and human rights. By reading a wide variety of texts and developing their own arguments, students will learn to use persuasion as a tool to communicate their ideas.

Module 2:  Persuasion in Literature

In the second module, students will continue to explore the power of argument as they move into reading literature. Chinua Achebe uses arguments to reveal things about his characters and set the plot in motion in his short story, “Marriage Is a Private Affair” and in his novel Things Fall Apart. Students will learn to craft an insightful literary analysis essay.

Semester Two

Module 3: Voice in Synthesis

This module challenges students to synthesize a wide range of views from a variety of sources and find their own voice among the crowd. Students will read Supreme Court cases, UN reports, op-eds, political cartoons, and research reports. They will be guided through the research process and ultimately will produce an annotated bibliography, position paper, and presentation. Topics in the unit are intended to spark students to carefully consider the views of others while also staking their unique stance.

Module 4: Praise, Mock, Mourn

The final module of the course primarily contains poetry and drama, and it asks students to consider how authors use language to create an effect on their readers. It frames this question by focusing on three universal purposes that have inspired people to create art throughout history and across the world: to praise, to mock, and to mourn. Students will explore works that serve these three purposes and analyze how authors create their desired effects. They will compose creative assignments as well as literary analyses.



There are 42 Assignments, and 3 Major Assessments in Semester 1 of this course.

There are 39 Assignments, and 3 Major Assessments in Semester 2 of this course.


Grade 10 SpringBoard English Language Arts II (National 2021) (Materials embedded into Canvas Course)

Instruction is explicit teaching of learning strategies that empower students by equipping them with the skill to know when, why, and how to use them free of teacher support. In this program:

Additional required materials include:

*All course materials have been approved for district use.


Students are expected to log in daily, work a minimum of an hour a day, and submit week workly to make satisfactory progress towards completion of the course.

Progress will be evaluated each week, with a grade entered into the Everett Public Schools eSchool (online grades) system most every Wednesday.