Testing Megaphone App Integration

Test integrating Megaphone TV interactivity into your app.

To get started:

  1. Log into Megaphone Studio at:
  2. Enter username mptvlive and password interact.
  3. Click Sign In.

Embedding Megaphone into Your Mobile App

Viewers vote in polls and interact with Megaphone using a web app known as the Megaphone Controller.

To test embedding the Controller into your mobile app, follow the instructions here:

For the "MegaController URL," use:


After you've embedded Megaphone's Controller in your app, to test answering a question, follow the instructions in the next section, Try Live Show Operations.

Try Live Show Operations

To display questions and results in your app, log into Megaphone Studio (see earlier steps), and open Megaphone Director, shown below.

Megaphone Director

The top half of Megaphone Director is a control panel for advancing through the content of a Megaphone playlist. To display questions, try clicking the Advance button several times.

As you click the Advance button, the bottom half of Megaphone Director will update to show questions on viewer's devices (left side) and also in a broadcast preview (right side), known as Megaphone Screen. For the purposes of testing your app, you can ignore the content in Megaphone Screen.

When you advance to a question in a playlist, Megaphone's controller and screen both display the question, and the controller begins accepting votes from viewers. Results for the vote appear in realtime. To end the vote, click "Close Voting and Show Poll Result". Megaphone controller and screen both show the final result of the poll.

Try Creating a Poll Question

To create a question and bring it live, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Megaphone Studio (see earlier steps).
  2. Click Editor.
  3. Click Add Playlist.
  4. On the New Playlist dialog, for Name, enter Today's Poll.
  5. On the New Playlist dialog, click Create.
  6. Click Add Scene.
  7. Under "All available Scene Templates," select Hot or Not.
  8. Click Add New Scene.
  9. For "Question..." enter: "Do you watch sports?"
  10. For Answer 1, enter "Yes". For Answer 2, enter "No".
  11. Click Playlists.
  12. Under Active, click the Activate toggle switch. It will turn green when you click it.
  13. Click Director.
  14. Click Reset Application.
  15. On the Reset Application confirmation dialog, click OK.
  16. Click Start.

Congratulations, your question is now live! You can now vote by clicking Yes or No in the lower left pane of Director.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your account representative, or email support@megaphonetv.com.