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Youths leaving Universities and Colleges have been challenged to use their professional knowledge, skills and confidence to further their careers and create job opportunities.

In a key note address during the KIMC 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony, Information Communications Technology, Innovation and Youth Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary, Ms. Nadia Ahmed Abdalla said the current graduates were leaving school without a clear vision on the face of unlimited opportunities and abilities.

“One thing I can tell you my fellow graduands who are young, youthful, creative and innovative is, it doesn’t stop here. Your life and your career journey start today. The Professors, the Chairperson, the government, the Director and the Institute have done their part to bring you to where you are now. It is now your personal choice to decide from today whether you want to be a living testimony of your life or just a crowd cheer and complain how things are not going the way you envision them to go,” said Ms. Nadia who represented the Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Joe Mucheru.

She told the youths to embrace communication as a key factor in building their lives and as an effective way to give back to society and contribute to the social and economic spheres of their country. Citing government allocations to the Institutes and hubs, the CAS challenged the youths to take up the opportunities and nurture skills, start small businesses and mentor others in their communities.

“I want to tell you something important I was never told on my graduation ceremony:  it is okay not to be okay; it is okay not to have a job as soon as you get that certificate. It is okay to feel like you cannot move forward. It is okay to feel like you are facing so many challenges. To feel like you are facing huge financial issues. To feel like you are a failure sometimes. It is okay. What is not okay is to sit down and do nothing about it,” she observed.

The CS in a speech said the government was committed to uplifting the lives of young people across the country through the various funds that have been allocated to support exploitation and development of innovation ideas, and asked the youths to move in and develop their ideas with ease.

On her part, KIMC Council Chairperson, Ms. Kathleen Openda said that in a bid to make the Institute a Centre of Excellence in mass communication skills training and development, the institute had devoted a major portion of its development budget not only to the refurbishment of studios, but the purchase of new training equipment such as digital cameras and editing suites.

She added that the modernization programme had equipped the institute with ultra-modern training facilities, and coupled with regular review of curricular, the institute’s training was now in line with the mass communication industry’s professional needs.

KIMC Director, Mr. Hiram Mucheke on the other hand revealed that the Institute will soon be rolling out the online training programmes and thanked the parent ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, for its readiness to support with the internet bandwidth to ensure the exercise was run smoothly.

He called on the parents and guardians to play their rightful role so that the new learning strategy would become a success. He urged the graduands to continuously strive to improve their skills in order to meet the ever changing skills demands of the media market.