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Forbush High School Community Service Award
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Forbush High School Community Service Award

Forbush High Schools presents the Community Service Award to graduating seniors that have earned a minimum of 200 hours of volunteer community service between the beginning of their freshman year and April 1 of their senior year.  It is suggested that students complete 50 hours each year.  Students must maintain a log with the type of activity, date, hours worked, sponsor’s name, and sponsor’s signature.  A copy of the log must be submitted each year by April 1 to the Community Service Coordinator, Natalie Vestal.

The graduating classes of 2023 and 2024 are required to have a total of 150 hours of community service by April 1 of their senior year due to disruptions caused by COVID 19.

Hours may be earned during the school year or during summer vacation.  Hours earned after April 1 may be applied to the following year's log.  Service Hours must be earned outside of the instructional time of the school day.

Seniors who earn the Community Service Award will be recognized at the annual Awards Day Ceremony and receive a seal for their diploma.

If a student is unsure if an activity will count towards the required hours this should be discussed with the Community Service Coordinator prior to participating in the activity to ensure hours will qualify.

Potential Community Service Opportunities

Examples of some activities that do not earn service hours:

A copy of the Community Service Log may be downloaded here.