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You can also contact me ( and I will email a notice of donation as a present to whomever you want to they can see what you donated in their name!

Nelson our long-time friend lost his own house and the orphanage that he was running for “Ebola children” who had lost their parents. The total rebuilding is too much for us to handle alone but we can play a part!  $2500 will get them a downpayment on a new piece of land near Dolotown Liberia and a place to stay. 

Continued rebuilding efforts in and around Les Cayes Haiti from the deadly earthquake that hit the already poor area in August 2021.

Donations will be used to rebuild and to replace tools that have been broken through use since our relief efforts began days after the earthquake.  Also to feed the volunteers. The more we can help so it is hard to put a dollar figure on this, but every dollar helps! 

A recent fire at the Penduma school in Kono Sierra Leone injured many students. Dauda (one of our most active leaders) has been helping since day one. The majority are still in the Koidu government hospital, where families and friends of the patients must provide the food. These families can not afford it plus medical care. A $50 bag of rice will feed them for a week. Most of the burn victims will be in the hospital for another month. 

We have been asked to build another water well outside of Les Cayes Haiti.  Currently, people must use a dipper to get water out of the hole that exists. It is slow and not safe.  A new well will dramatically improve the lives of approximately 600 people. Deronce is overseeing this as he has for our other wells in the area. The estimated cost is $2,000.

Agricultural: Currently we have 30 microloans ($50 each) to rice farmers around Les Cayes Haiti.   This is run by Rochelin who is amazing!  There is much demand to expand this program.   Thinking to buy chickens for families in the next step.  They can live of the eggs and allow some chickens to grow to lay more eggs and expand their production.   We also have requests to expand this to Liberia and Sierra Leone.   The typical cost of a garden is about $500. 

OLEAN NY: BonaResponds: BonaResponds wants to help bring Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries (author of Tattoos on the Heart, Barking to the Choir, and The Whole Language) to campus in the fall of 2022.  It will be open to the community.  Greg is a dynamic speaker that we hope can bring the community together and help us all learn that there really is no “us and them” but just us!  

You can help defray the cost with a donation. 

HAITISCHOLARSHIPS,org is a spin-off of BonaResponds.  We pay part of the tuition for students to go to school in Haiti.   Of all of our projects, this has been the most adversely implicated by Covid.  In Les Cayes and Leogane mainly.   A month of schooling for HaitiScholarships $25 gets a student into school for a month! 

BONARESPONDS Sponsor a bag of food for immigrants. Approximate cost: $5 per bag including shipping)  Our next food packing event will be on January 29th in the Swan Building.   Last time we did over 500 meals! A great way to learn about life on the border, learn what immigrants are fleeing from, and what can be done. 

Basketball:  Before Covid, we had planned basketball 3 on 3 tournaments for various nations. Recently we have been discussing bringing it back.   Dauda in Sierra Leone has shown us several courts that need repairs before we can do it.  The approximate cost of renovation is $500-$750 per court. So $1000 per court plus a 3 on 3 tourneys to open the court.  The winning prizes would be school supplies for a year. 


BonaResponds A WarmSnugglyBlanket to give love and comfort to a person with cancer.  We have given out over 2000 of them so far!  Cost is about $5 per blanket, $10 for shipping (some are shipped, some are delivered) 

Help individuals in need.  Poverty is hard. It is never just one thing.  Donations to this category will be used to help individuals like Alex, Ibrahim, and Dammer through their major life crises.  

Currently, the person most in need is Abduraman.  He is a physically challenged orphan from Liberia who is living on the streets.  He was living with an elderly aunt until this past month when a storm destroyed their home. He needs $240 for zinc roofing shingles and $60 for food and $250 for schooling.  We don’t have a specific program for this, but the need is so great that it can not be ignored . 


Tree planting in Haiti. Trees Provide jobs, sequester carbon, stop erosion, give shade, provide food, and rebuild places for birds and animals to live.  The next step is to incorporate more coffee bushes so they have cash crops as well.  This is run by Rochelin.  Each tree including transportation and food/water for volunteers costs about $3.     

Sponsor an international teachers conference.   We have held these in Haiti, Sierra Leone, the Bahamas and online.  Typically we get a few teachers from various schools together for a day of sharing teaching ideas with Bonaventure Education students, Enactus, and others.  Money goes for food, supplies, and internet connection (and sometimes a hall rental for the event.   Cost $500 (and we’d love you to get involved if you are or were a teacher) 

Tutoring for the WASSCE exam in Sierra Leone.   Each spring hundreds of students need assistance studying for the tests.  I am shocked how difficult the material is.   Money could help pay for teachers to lead tutoring sessions there as well as to pay for internet connections so Bonaventure students can help tutor. Run by Dauda. 


Sponsor a BonaResponds Ramp!   While the cost of a ramp varies, it is about $1000 for an average ramp.  We have now bult over 290 of them!   You can sponsor one! 

Donate to the Marge Mahar Scholarship fund!  We’d love to be able to use it to pay the BonaResponds student leaders so that they would not need to work multiple jobs on and off-campus.  Help make it possible!  

You could also sponsor a leader or other student on a trip (once we start doing them again!) 

Can’t decide?   You can donate to any of the parent organizations (BonaResponds, HaitiScholarships, and PositiveRipples) and let us decide!.  Anyway you give, we promise the money will go to good use!