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Senior Year Package 2022-2023
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Senior Year Comprehensive package 2022-2023

Description of Advising Services  

This service starts the summer before senior year through June 30 after graduation and includes the  following:

minimum of eight targeted one-on-one sessions (1 to 1.5 hours each)

additional phone and email contact

access to resources such as:

o CounselMore subscription,  

o College Match: A Blueprint for Choosing the Best School for You by Dr. Stephen Antonoff o Lynn O’Shaughnessy’s the College Solution  

o College Essay Guy webinars and text sources

Free Initial Consultation Visit: Introduce services and expectations for client and consultant. The first meeting will identify student and parent goals, develop parameters for searches, and examine student interests and talents. This is a no-obligation session and is not included as part of the packaged hours. 

All formal sessions are face-to-face or via Zoom and include the following topics:

Review Academic record

Identify college application requirements and deadlines

Personalize timelines to apply for applications and scholarships

Essay coaching (12 supplemental/scholarship essays + personal statement)

Financial Aid and scholarship assistance (COA, EFC, and NPC)

Analysis of admission offers and financial awards

A more detailed description includes, but is not limited to:  

Sample Session Objectives

Session One/Two - June/July/August 2022

Interest and Personality Surveys

o We will discuss students' and families’ college expectations and preferences and provide online and text surveys for students to reflect on what they are looking for in a good fit school.

Review of current high school curriculum and extracurriculars

o Students and parents will share current high school transcripts, standardized test results,  and extracurricular activities. The information provided will create informed college lists. A  standardized testing schedule will help students plan when to take the test,  identify target scores, and create a study schedule if necessary.  

Access to CounselMore

o Register students for CounselMore and go over features of the program so students may start communication and exploration of schools. CounselMore enhances student organization through Communication via email and will start to help build college lists.  

Session Three/Four – June/July/August 2022

College Affordability

o Introducing college cost tools such as Estimated Financial Contribution (EFC), Cost of  Attendance (COA), and the Net Price Calculator (NPC). Families will want to have the previous year's tax and asset information available to complete either online or hands-on worksheets.  Parent participation requested

Building College lists

o Review and reflect initial college lists created both by consultant and student. The list is used for further research and will divide schools into four tiers – reach, challenge, target,  and safety colleges. RES and the client will continue to research and refine the list communicating throughout the process. We will use virtual campus tools and data sites to research schools before campus visits. Students will present a comprehensive list to their parents.

Brainstorming main statement essay/ start drafting essays

(Virtual) College visit preparation

o Campus visit planning will be discussed to determine when to make visits, questions to ask, look for, and meeting with area admission representatives. Visits and research will be vital to narrowing the list of schools before senior year. RES will not set up visits or interviews at colleges.  

Sessions Five/Six – August/September 2022

Narrowing college list  

        Deadlines and timelines for college applications, scholarships, etc.  

Review application and school requirements for 2022-2023

Session Seven/Eight – Fall 2022 through Spring 2023

Review Applications

o We will review applications (Common Application, Coalition, or School/Program application) from each school on the students' list and brainstorm a personal statement outline.  

Spring 2023 

Review Award Letters from accepted schools

How to prepare to enter college

What do I need to know about possible transfers?

Understanding Gap Year and deferring enrollment

More face-to-face sessions may be scheduled as needed during the school year.