This file contains all the steps and information that was recorded to help you edit the homepage buttons.  

In order to proceed, you would need a new link, document, etc. to direct the user to.  


Step 1:  In Composer, select the Home page of the school. Click on the COMPOSE slider to edit the page

Step 2:  Select the button you would like to edit by hovering over it with your mouse. You will see an “EDIT CONTENT” appear each time you hover over an element that you can edit and click the element to edit it.

Step 3: Give the New Resource a Title and Alt Text name and click SAVE.  

Step 4: Add the image to the Gallery by clicking the Add to Gallery button .  

Step 5: To change the order, or remove images from the “Home_Slideshow”  gallery, click Resources > Galleries and expand your school’s Public Galleries folder.