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Junior Winter Training - all Blocks - PUBLISHED
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Junior Winter Training: 2021-22


Our rowing programs offer opportunities for personal development, health and wellbeing, learning new skills, and forming lasting friendships, in an environment where inclusive participation and performance objectives are valued equally.

The Winter season offers a flexible schedule so athletes can balance school and family commitments while still participating in a structured program.  Indoor sessions using the rowing ergometer in a structured way help athletes: achieve faster boat speed; improve their 5K, 6K and 2K Erg Score; lift their pain threshold; sharpen technique efficiency at high rates; develop explosive power;  and strengthen mental toughness. Saturday on-water rows  apply what you learn indoors, and get you outside and on the water.

Eligibility & Prerequisites 

Age: 14 - 18  (athlete turns 14 thru 18 anytime during 2022)

Experience: Suitable for all experience levels, including those new to rowing.
Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination: Our club requires all participants to show proof of vaccination. For Youth, a single dose will be accepted until Jan 1, 2022, and participants with only one dose will be required to wear a mask at all times indoors, including while erging. After Jan 1, 2022, all Youth will require proof of two vaccine doses.

Program Structure & Cost

Indoor training - Choose 2 or 4 days/week, at 4-5:30 pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur.

On-water rowing - all Blocks row  Saturdays 9-11am.

No practices on Statutory Holidays.

Block 1a: Nov 8 - Dec 18.  Includes 2 weekdays + Saturday. Cost: $190 + GST = $199.50

Block 1b: Nov 8 - Dec 18.  Includes 4 weekdays + Saturday. Cost: $345 + GST = $362.25

Block 2a: Jan 3 - March 19. Includes 2 weekdays + Saturday. Cost: $320 + GST = $336

Block 2b: Jan 3 - March 19. Includes 4 weekdays + Saturday. Cost: $550 + GST = $577.50

Register at Rowing Canada Aviron.  Note: Price shown in the registration system includes GST, as well as one time annual Rowing Canada and Rowing BC fees (these will be credited at checkout if you have already paid them for this year)

Published November 17, 2021