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MINUTES July 20 2022
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           Wednesday, July 20, 5:30

                                            At the Library


PRESENT:  Trish Read, Sally Reisner, Carol Hosford (via Zoom), Jason Butler, Anna Church, Shevonne Travers

ABSENT:  Jean Joslin, David Babic


The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chair Trish Read at 5:28 p.m.


Additions and Deletions:  Add executive sessions to discuss personnel issues relating to evaluation.


Approve draft minutes: Sally moved and Trish seconded approving the minutes of May 18th.  All approved.


President’s Report:


We should be looking at long-term goals and strategic planning, using a community survey.  Jason has started generating this survey.  We need a consultant from the State Library to complete this work.


Jean recommended that we move our current Worker’s Comp policy to the policy offered by the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.  Carol offered a motion to do so, Trish seconded, and the Board voted in favor of the change.


A nice reception for volunteers was held in the park.  Saturdays are now covered by volunteers rather than staff.


Our budget expenditures showed that we spent 98% of our proposed budget for 2021-2022.


Progress on the park is going slowly.  MR Property Group has given us an estimate of $800-$900 for an additional layer of 3” to 4” of Staymat to

hide the roots and make the sidewalk safe.  We might qualify for ARPA funds through the town but we would need to clarify whether we could receive the funds retroactively.  Charlie Hosford will get back to Ed Reid on other things that need to happen after our special Board meeting on August 1st at 2:00 p.m. so Ed can give us a new quote.


Library Director’s Report:


The Friends have voted to purchase a new PA system for the library.  We will purchase a new computer for the circulation desk with library funds.


There were over 1000 items circulated in June, a new record.  The children’s area had the largest number of items circulated.  There were 55 movie plays in June through Kanopy; since January there have been 1,769 checkouts on Overdrive (ebooks, audio books).


Children’s Librarian’s Report:


Story time attendance has increased, with an average of 20.3 people attending.  Children have monitored the beans they planted by the south entrance, sailed a pretend boat in the park, and put on a musical instrument parade.


The Valley libraries are well into their summer programming around the theme of “Oceans of Possibilities.”  Activities have included shadow puppets, with 33 children and adults making puppets, a Punch and Judy show, and a talk with Angela Kunkel, author of “Penguin Journey.”  An upcoming program will feature a live animal show.


Program Director’s Report:


Shevonne and other Valley librarians have organized a wealth of activities.  These include these past events:


-A writing group led by Lee Delfausse.

-Pub trivia.  The July event was fully booked, with a waiting list.

-A BioBlitz studying flowers and insects at the Pony Farm.

-Global Community Festival meetings, with Lee as Valley representative.

-4th of July parade.

-Volunteer reception.

Anticipated future events:


-Four authors’ evening on Sept. 15th.

-Program highlighting Curt Lindberg’s book “Our Better Nature.”

-A scrabble tournament.

-Once-a-month conversations about other cultures with guest speakers.


The Board asked the staff to come up with a tee shirt and logo to wear when they are on the job.  They should order the shirts and Trish will deal with the embroidery of the logo.


Treasurer’s Report:  Tabled

Financial Report:  Tabled


Old Business:

                Park improvements: See above

                Worker’s Comp:  See above


New Business:

                Staff evaluations:

                            Carol and Sally will develop a guideline sheet for staff to follow in looking back and ahead at their goals.


                Computer for circulation desk?  See above


Executive session to discuss staff evaluation and liability issues regarding the park.


At  6:30 Carol moved and Sally seconded to go into executive session.  At 6:40 the Board came out of the session.


The meeting ended at 6:40.


Next regular meeting:  Sept. 21, 2022 at the library


Special Meeting to Discuss Park Improvements:  August 1, 2:00 p.m. at the library