#296 - The Angry Chicken: “Flash Your Face”


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Head of Hearthstone esports leave Blizzard

January 4th was Che Chou’s last day at Blizzard. He has moved on to be the Senior Director of esports over at Ubisoft.


Second Dinner is making a mobile Marvel game

And a $30 million investment from NetEase



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OTK DK Paladin

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Rob from the land down under! (Australia!)

The craziest of game stories my disgruntled fouls..

Playing Even Sharman, I queued up against a Warlock.. turn by turn we traded, I weathered the obligatory Hell Fires and Defiles and they cleared my board not once, not twice but three times.  I even managed to put their two mountain giants to bed along with their hooked Reavers who manage to enter as 7/7’s.  Things were looking pretty damn good for me..

And then I was introduced to Gul’dan.  I can’t remember exactly what my life points were at this stage.. but what I did know was that each and every turn there was going to be 3 damage to me and 3 health to him - a total of 6 not in my favour!  A far greater match than my Hagatha..

I cleared the demons that Gul’dan had brought along to the party and it was looking pretty dire..

He had 18 life yet, I was probably around 10 or so, and I figured there was no way out of this.  He had one minion on the board - me none.  I played a Fire Elemental - deciding if the 3 damage should to go to the minion or to face - I reluctantly threw the 3 damage of fire  to his face thinking it was all of nothing.  Upon playing the minion Hagatha the witch via her passive hero power gave me an Unstable Evolution - I played it on my Fire Elemental - it turned it into a Charged Devilsaur - what is this madness?  I hit is face for 7 more damage - which brought him down to 8 life..  feeling happy that I had put up a good fight I played the Unstable Evolution again on the Devilsaur - what madness!  It evolved into King Krush!  Straight to the face for 8 damage and the win.. Sweeeeeeet!

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CheezyBob from the Patreon Discord

Q: Back in the day I rather enjoyed playing Control Warrior, but in the current meta, I absolutely hate playing as or against Odd Warrior. What makes old-school Control Warrior different from modern Odd Warrior?

James M

Hey TAC crew!

I originally thought that the cost would be what pushed me away from Hearthstone, but now I feel it’s something else. I've played HS since just after release, and I've pre-ordered the sets since Old Gods. I started to feel a bit of burnout from the game after I got to rank 1 star 3 last January (without achieving the coveted legend), but I kept playing all year until Rastakhan’s Rumble came out last month. As always I opened my 80-some packs right after release, and I expected my excitement to increase. Oddly enough, I haven't logged back into HS since that day, and every new day I neglect to log in, the easier it gets. I still haven't seen the new single player content, and I have no idea what the meta currently looks like (save what I hear on podcasts).

Am I just at a different place in my life where HS isn't for me anymore, or do you think this is effecting quite a few other people similarly? This is an age old question, but I'm not asking if HS is dead. I'm more wondering your opinion on whether this feeling is 1) just me and where I'm currently at in my preference of games 2) the natural cycle of a CCG or 3) something the devs are doing which is pushing people away?


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