#290 - The Angry Chicken: “On the fly”

11-20-18 (recording 11/19)

• Garrett • Jocelyn • Dills

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Intro:  Welcome to The Angry Chicken!


Grats to BigWig for taking down the tourney! Top 4 included clynch, Leaga and GirTab

Mokthol and some70sguy take home the participation packs!

Warlock, Paladin and Shaman were the most popular decks, Rogue was the highest winrate and poor Warrior only got played once and lost. Top 4 was ruled by aggro and tempo decks but there was one Egg Paladin in the mix, brought by Leaga. Cool version with Lynessa and Annoy-o-Module.

Look for TACO Rastakhan to be earlier in the expansion cycle. Probably mid January.

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Card Talk

Ton of Rastakhan cards just revealed on stream. We’ll just fire up HearthPwn’s guide.







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HCT DreamHack Atlanta

Seohyun beat Sintolol 3-1. Final game was a text book god hand for Seohyun’s DR Hunter versus Sintolol’s Even Pally.

Seohyun has been chasing a 1st place finish all of 2018. Going all the way back to two high finishes in Copa events in January and February.



Murloc Mage



Mulligan/Match Ups

Personal Notes

Next week's: Deathrattle Rogue

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Ryan from Canada

Hey Friendos!

Feel free to tell me it’s a bad idea but I’ve been thinking of a new game mode that I would love to share with you guys.

Diablo 3 is one of my top games of all time and my favourite way to enjoy it is seasons. I know we have seasonal ranking on hearthstone, but what I propose is a new seasonal meta that is completely separate from your collection; so hear me out.

The draw for me in a Diablo 3 season is a completely fresh start where the fun is in getting excited again about legendary drops and also the ability to compete on a global scale with other players on multiple different aspects of the game.


So suppose we get a fresh start and the grind is no longer just ladder but the opening of packs themselves. We could get packs for winning, multiple daily quests rewarding packs, packs for completing multiple games while not conceding, a seasonal challenge list rewarding packs etc. With no collection to draw from you will see a wide range of deck archetypes that will slow burn into the meta we know, but in the meantime you get the fun of getting that great card that can push you forward and not have to be faced with just a meta climb all of the time.

So in the vein of our Diablo comparison, we could have global rankings for not just wins, but any number of categories. To name a few: most packs opened, most dust accumulated, most dust spent, most amount of wins across multiple heroes, most hero damage, most minion damage, most minions defeated, maybe even a new levelling system to see who gets the most exp, etc. I think this would allow for more rewarding gameplay loops and higher competition towards the end of a season.

Another important rule I think is no buying of packs in this mode with real money, this is to ensure we are all in a fair competition. At the end of the season in Diablo you get to keep all of your progress which of course would not work because at the end of the day this is a game where you need to buy cards, so how do we reward players while also allowing blizzard to keep making money? Well I think they could allow you to get rewards based on how high you climbed in all of the different categories which is already similar to our seasonal chest rewards, and blizzard could get their money by charging a fee to participate in the season. To take the sting out of what sounds like a bad thing (the fee I mean) I was thinking they could charge 13.99 to participate in the season and you will still get your 7 packs to open in your main collection so you don’t feel like you are just tossing money and blizzard gets to sell you packs on a consistent basis with every season reset.

I just want something different to do where I still feel like I’m being rewarded. Going on 10 or more losing streaks where I can’t even lose more stars to find someone my own level gets punishing after a while. Even on low ranks I get matched up with previously legend rank players where I get dominated. I have the tier 1 decks but I guess I just am not playing enough to improve but I’m finding it hard to justify buying cards to lose anyways. A game mode like this will keep me paying and maybe we can keep earning and having fun even if some of us don’t have very good win rates.

Sorry for the long email! And thank you folks so much for everything you do. You make a long commute feel like I’m just hanging out with my friends.

Have a great holiday season!

Ryan from Canada

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TAC crew,

In episode 285 you guys were talking about how the feeling of loss is felt more strongly than gaining something.

In game design parlance this is called loss aversion. And yes Dills, it's a human thing.  I've heard about it discussed greatly in episode 59 on a game design podcast I listen to called Ludology


In a related note This podcast interviewed Ben Brode himself about Hearthstone in episode 94.


Just thought I'd share if you cared to find out more

Keep the great content coming!

Matt (Saji)


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