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2.        Authority

        SC 406, 510,

          1089, 1109.2,


The Board has the authority under law to prescribe employment conditions for District personnel.

For the mutual benefit and protection of the district and its employees, the Board directs that, as the policy of this school district:

        SC 1101, 1121

      SC 1108

      Pol. 313

      SC 510, 1089

  1.  Professional employees, as defined in the School Code, shall sign an

    employment contract upon employment, which shall continue in force

                unless terminated by the employee by written resignation presented sixty

                (60) days in advance or terminated by the Board in accordance with law.  

               The contract shall specify those issues required by law.

  1. Temporary Professional Employees, upon attaining tenure status, shall sign

   a contract for Professional Employees.

  1. Non-certificated administrative and support employees shall be employed

   through a contract or Board resolution.

The Board shall be notified promptly of any misunderstanding arising from the application of a given contract or resolution, or any error in salary paid to the employee.

Willful misrepresentation of facts material to employment and determination of salary shall be considered cause for dismissal of the employee.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 406, 510, 1073, 1089, 1101, 1108, 1109.2, 1121

Board Policy – 313

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