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Eurotrip - Episode 5 - Credits
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Written by: Saverio Grasselli


Voices: Mario De Zanet and Giacomo Galardini


Post Production: Andrea Agostinelli




"Greek Music" by Dar Golan License:


Infinity by Timecrawler 82 License:


My Tribe by Ketsa License:


The Contra Chop by Jim Hall License:


Half Mystery by Kevin MacLeod License:


Go! by Brian Holtz Music License:


"Italian Music" by Dar Golan License:


Simplex by Kevin MacLeod License:


Vacant Room by Parallel Park License:


Uplifting Electronic Indie by WinnieTheMoog License:


La Marseillaise.ogg License:


Lovusuno by Mello C License:


Egmont Overture Finale by Kevin MacLeod License:


Variações Sobre um tema Melancólico by Alexandre Bateiras License:


Infinity by Timecrawler 82 License:





Whistle Referee by kilogofio


19 Football Crowd - Reaction To Goal.flac by D.jones License:


Football-crowd-near-miss-from-freekick.wav by paulw2k License:


Car horns in street protest (outdoor) License:





Fans singing ‘God Save The Queen’ -


Milan, Galliani: 'Totti? Abbiamo provato a prenderlo...' -


Biscotti danesi al burro | intheskywithcupcakes -


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