Paige Davis Arrington

Program for Rhetoric & Composition in the Department of English

Georgia State University




Doctor of Philosophy, English/Emphasis in Rhetoric & Composition,

Georgia State University, May 2019

Dissertation Project: Ann Berthoff from the Margins: An Infusion of Allatonceness for

Contemporary Writing Pedagogy

Committee Members: Lynée Gaillet and Michael Harker (co-directors), Mary Hocks

Teaching Credential, Montessori Elementary I (AMS)/Montessori Western

Teacher Training Program, 2004

Master of Arts, English/ Emphasis in Creative Writing, Poetry,

         The University of California, Davis, 1997

Bachelor of Arts, English/Emphasis in Creative Writing, Poetry,

Purdue University, 1993

academic employment:

Visiting Lecturer. Department of English, Georgia State University. 2019-present

Graduate Teaching Assistant. Department of English, Georgia State University. 2014-2019

Writing Studio Tutor. Writing Studio, Georgia State University. 2014-2015

Adjunct Instructor. Department of English, Georgia Gwinnett College. 2010-2014

Lecturer. Department of English, University of California, Irvine. 2000-2010

Peace Corps Volunteer. English Language and Teaching Consultant. English Language Department,

University of Taldykorgan. Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan. 1998-2000.

Graduate Teaching Assistant. Department of English, University of California, Davis. 1995-1997.



“Writing Wisdom: A Meditative Quilt.” Talking Back: Senior Scholars Deliberate the Past, Present, and Future of Writing Studies. Forthcoming collection edited by Norbert Elliot and Alice Horning. Co-authored with Ann E. Berthoff, Eli Goldblatt, Jessica Restaino.

“Stories Within Stories: Three Reflections On Working With The DALN.” Getting Personal: Bringing Personal Writing into the Classroom in the Digital Age.  Co-authored with Ben McCorkle and Michael Harker.

“Chapter 8: Writing in Digital Spaces.” Georgia State University’s Guide to First Year Writing, 2017. Co-authored with Angela Hall-Godsey and Pete Rorabaugh.


A Review of Ben Rafoth’s Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers.” enculturation. April 2019.

“Combinatory Composition: Composing for Access and Ability.” Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative: Blog carnival 9, “Cripping Digital Rhetoric and Technology.” August 2016.

conference activity

“​​​​​​​Using Berthoff’s ‘Forming’ Approach to Writing for Its Radically Liberatory Ends.” Engaged Learning Experience. Co-presenter. Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Milwaukee, MI. March 2020.

“Feminist rhetorical methodology: Attending to tone in the research and writing process.” Roundtable Spotlight Session: Methods for Emerging Researchers in Rhetoric and Composition. Co-presenter. Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Pittsburgh, PA. 13 March 2019.

“Ann Berthoff is Not an Expressivist and that Matters.” The Thomas Watson Conference. Louisville, Ky. October 2018.

“Stories within Stories: Making the Personal Public and the Public Personal with the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN).” Co-presenter. Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Kansas City, Mo. March 2018.

“Montessori, The Progressives, and Me: Researcher as Collaborator in the Digital Archives.”

Presenter. Southeastern Modern Languages Institute (SAMLA). Atlanta, Ga. October 2017.

“Bridging Hybrid and F2F Composition Classrooms via Digital Pedagogy.” Presenter. Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication. Portland, Oregon. March 2017.

“Mobility Work in Composition: Translation, Migration, Transformation.” Co-Presenter. Thomas Watson Conference. Louisville, Ky. October 2016.

“The Orthos Project: Testing the Boundaries Between Hybrid and Computer Assisted Learning in First-Year Composition.” Co-presenter. Computers and Composition. Rochester, NY. May 2016.

“The Source: Berthoff and Invention as the Essential Commonplace for Literature and Writing.” Presenter. Southeastern Modern Languages Institute (SAMLA). Durham, NC. October 2015.

“Turning Toward Each Other: Cultivating Inclusivity among Staff and the Community.” Presenter. Southwest Writing Center Association (SWCA). February 2016.

talks & workshops

“What can Pedagogy Teach us About Rhetoric?: A Mini Workshop.” Invited speaker, English 8180: Composition Theory. Georgia State University, July 2018.

“Feminist Rhetorical Practices: A Useful Taxonomy.” Invited speaker, English 8125: Writing and Research Methodology. Georgia State University, September 2017.

“Teaching with Digital Media and the GSU First Year Guide to Writing.” Presenter. Georgia State University, Lower Division Studies. August 2017.

“Digital Literacies & the WordPress Blog.” Presenter. Georgia State University, Lower Division Studies. October 2017.

“Managing Feedback on Student Writing.” Workshop leader. Georgia State University, Lower Division Studies. November 2015.

wpa & service

Presenter & Organizer. Writing Studio New Tutor Orientation. Georgia State University, August 2015.

Mentor. New Teacher Mentoring Program. Lower Division Studies, College of Arts & Sciences. 2016-2017.


Recipient. Dean’s Fellowship Award. Issued by the College of Arts and Sciences. Georgia State University, 2014-2019. Awarded annually by the university upon departmental recommendation.



English 3080: Persuasion: History, Theory, Practice

English 1102: Writing & Research in Digital Spaces: Exploring The Built Environment of Atlanta

English 1102: Writing the AIDS quilt: Research and Composition through the NAMES project

English 1102: Research & Writing as Being, in the Academy, in the World

English 1102: Argument & Research: Writing for STEM

English 1102: Research, Meaning-Making, & Memorial

English 1101: Rhetoric & Composition: Subcultures & Identity

English 1101: Form & Writing


English 1101: Rhetoric & Composition: Writing Culture

English 1101: Rhetoric & Composition: Writing & Adventure

English 1101: Writing, Thinking, & Living


WR 39A: Basic Writing

WR 39B: Critical Reading & Rhetoric

WR 39C: Research & Argument

WR 37: Intensive Writing

technology experience

 Operating Systems: OSX, Windows

 Courseware: Brightspace, Canvas

 General: MS Office Suite, Google Docs, Slides, Forms

 Presentations: PowerPoint, KeyNote, Prezi, iMovie

 Concept Mapping: Tableau

 Blogging Platforms: WordPress

 Images: PhotoShop, Flickr

 Sound: Audacity

 Web design: Dreamweaver

professional memberships:

Modern Language Association

Southeastern Modern Language Association

National Council of Teachers of English

Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning