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Purchasing Instructions – ENGS 21
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ENGS 21: Instructions for Purchasing Project Supplies

Each team has a budget of $600 to spend on purchases of supplies and any travel that is essential for the success of the project.


Submit the e-Form immediately after you place your order

DON’T use for meals or personal expenses.

  1.     How do I use the VISA card to purchase supplies?

You use this credit card the same way you would use your own personal credit card.  Once you have placed your order you need to complete an e-Form, this should be submitted as soon as you place your order.  If you need assistance with the e-Form please come to the Finance Office in Cummings 135 for assistance. Please follow the instructions below to submit your order:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on P-Card
  3. Change Finance Center tab to Admin/Prov Fin Center
  4. Search for Cardholder Name “by last name first” and click on it
  5. Enter Business Purpose – should describe why the item was purchased not what was purchased. Example:  (supplies required for project)
  6. Enter your name as Purchaser
  7. Next input Vendor Name, Receipt Date and Receipt total.
  8. Select Chart Type – If you click on the default string your chart string should automatically populate. If not, it should be 32.853.368002.392604. xxxx (Replace the xx with your group number, ie. 1001).
  9. Enter Amount to be charged by Vendor.
  10. Upload scanned receipts – Purchases that are under $75 do not require receipts.
  11. Complete the field “Department P-card Admin Routing”, selecting Debra Clifford. (last name first).
  12. Submit.

  1.  Can I get reimbursed for supplies and for travel mileage?

Yes. If you have purchased supplies for your project and had to go and pick them up you can be reimbursed for mileage as well as your supplies if approved by your supervisor.  Any meal costs are not reimbursable.  Please email the for the instructions.

  1. What if the vendor does not take a VISA card?

If the vendor does not accept a credit card, you may be able to use a Purchase Requisition.  Most companies accept purchase orders as standard purchasing procedure.  To use this method you must:

         Complete the Purchase Request e-Form located

            Your order will then be placed by Dartmouth College Purchasing


P-card policy: