Haddam Killingworth Intermediate School

5th Grade Health Class Syllabus

Mr. Fagan – Physical Education/Health Teacher

Topics that will be covered in class:

Supplies needed for class: Pen/Pencil & Folder

5th Grade Health is a half year course. If there are any academic, social or behavioral concerns/issues in class, I will contact you. If you have any questions or concerns about the topics that will be discussed in Health, please feel free to contact me.

Students will be graded on assessments throughout the course, but will not receive a grade at the end of the course. Students will receive marks based on the National Health Standards associated with this class.

Mr. Fagan – rfagan@rsd17.org

Please return by your next class period.

I have read and I understand the Class Syllabus for 5th Grade Health Class:

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