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        Friday, January 17:

Enjoy the day off!

        Thursday, January 16:

                2. Fire safety packet due tomorrow

** Scholastic book orders due 1/24 if interested!

        Wednesday. January 15:

                2. Fire Safety passage/respond due Friday

        Tuesday, January 14:

      2. Study vocabulary-- test Friday

        Monday, January 13:

        Thursday, January 9:

        Tuesday, January 7:

Scholastic orders due Jan 24 if interested!  Online code is MD72W

        Monday, January 6:

New Years resolution and hat due tomorrow if not done already in school

NOTE: Students were informed there is a quiz tomorrow on using the article (a) versus (an) when writing.  We have reviewed this since the beginning of school.

        Thursday, January 2:

        Think of your new year's resolution-- one personal and one academic (school related).  You will be writing about them tomorrow in school!

        Thursday, December 19:

  1. Reading response letters due tomorrow if not completed in school
  2. 12:40 dismissal tomorrow!!!

        Wednesday, December 18:

        Tuesday, December 17:

        Monday, December 16:

Bring in independent novel you are reading as we will be writing reading response letters in schoolTuesday-Thursday!

        FRIDAY, December 13:

Roused, resourceful, vast

        Thursday, December 12:

```Story test on Hewitt Anderson story is on MOnday-- review vocabulary

        Wednesday, December 11:

Holiday Bazaar for HR 301 is tomorrow-- bring money if you want to buy anything!

        Tuesday, December 10:

Holiday Bazaar for HR 301 is on Thursday!

        MOnday, December 9:

        Thursday, December 5:

        Wednesday, December 4:

        Tuesday, December 3:

        Monday, December 2:

                2. Vocabulary / focus skill  two-sided w/s

        Tuesday, November 26:

Early dismissal tomorrow again!!

        MOnday, NOvember 25:

        Friday, November 22:

        Thursday, NOvember 21:

        Wednesday, November 20:

        Tuesday, November 19:

        Monday, November 18:

        Thursday, November 14:

        Wednesday, November 13:

                2. Two-sided w/s on vocabulary ( test is Friday)

        Tuesday, November 12:

        Tuesday, November 5:

**Veterans Supplies Drive ends tomorrow!

        Monday, November 4:

** Veterans Supplies Drive-- please try to donate one item - (no food)

        Friday, November 1:

        Thursday, October 31:


        Wednesday, October 30:

                                2. Halloween w/s

** You can wear costumes to school- no masks!

** Veterans supplies drive- please bring in an item-- no food

        Tuesday, October 29:

 2. w/s and STUDY for quiz on similes, metaphors and personification

        MOnday,, October 28:

                2. Study for quiz on similes, metaphors and personification on Wednesday

**Supplies for Veterans drive earns tickets!

** Scholastic Book orders due Wednesday

        Thursday, October 24:

Scholastic orders due next Wednesday

Online code is MD72W

        Wednesday, October 23:

                2. Journal entry as Kai due tomorrow

Tuesday, October 22:

                2. Journal entry using facts and feelings as kai or Young-- remember the ones I read to you in class-- DUE THURSDAY

        Monday, October 21:

  2. Vocabulary w/s

        Wednesday, October 16:

2. Study for genre quiz tomorrow

        Tuesday, October 15:

        Friday, October 11:


** Genre quiz is next Wednesday

**SS map/continent test is next Friday



** Book Fair for HR 301 is Thursday and HR302 is Friday


*** Book Fair in school for HR 301 is Thursday


        Friday, October 4:

        Thursday, October 3:

** Cover writing NB with pictures by Monday please

** Book Fair for HR 301 is Thursday

        Wednesday, October 2:

                2. Vocabulary pictures/sentence due Friday  (story test will be next Tuesday or Wednesday)

        Tuesday, October 1:

                                2. Vocab pics and sentences due Friday


** Book Fair is next Thursday in school

        Monday, Sept. 30:

                2. Vocabulary w/s (restate)

        Thursday, Sept. 26:

** Scholastic book orders due 9/29 so I can place the order - thanks

** If you have box tops, please send them in with your child’s name and my name on it as well. Thanks!

        Wednesday, Sept 25:

        Tuesday, Sept 24:

         MOnday, Sept 23::

Return the book you borrowed from class as you will be reading it in school too!


        Friday, Sept 20:

        Thursday, Sept 19:

*** Picture day is tomorrow!!

        Wednesday, Sept 18:

        Tuesday, Sept 17:

** Picture day is Friday!

        Monday, Sept. 16:

** Picture day is Friday

**Scholastic orders due Sept 30

        Thursday, Sept 12:

** Bring in two pictures

** Scholastic Orders due Sept 29

        Tuesday, Sept 10:

             2. Letter w/s

** Bring in two pictures!!

        Monday, Sept 9:

*** Bring in 2 pictures of yourself

***Bring in  a book to read

        Thursday, Sept 5: