7th Grade Newsletter (January 2019)

Dear 7th Grade Families,

Happy New Year!

Read below for news from the classroom


Ms. Gennaro - mgennaro@motthall2.org Ms. Heller (ICT) - kheller@motthall2.org 

This month in ELA, we are doing a unit on perspective, reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. Scholars will understand the book from three different perspectives: the reader’s perspective, their assigned character’s perspective and the historical perspective. Upcoming projects and assessments include an end of unit exam, as well as a journal project, written from the perspective of their assigned character. You can support your scholar by asking them about what they’ve read and having them explain the difference between their own perspective and their character’s perspective.


Ms. Kesten - Jkesten@motthall2.org Ms. Lee (ICT) - blee@motthall2.org 

This month in Math, scholars are learning to solve multi-step equations and inequalities. Upcoming major assessments include a project on creating their own Nature’s Classroom fundraiser based on the fixed versus variable costs of the trip. They will also have a Math Midterm on Thursday, January 24th. The topics included will be ratios and proportions, scale models, number systems, expressions, and equations. You can support your scholar by encouraging them to review previous topics each night in their NB and to revisit their WINK sheets from each unit.


Ms. Williard - awilliard@motthall2.org Ms. Lee (ICT) - blee@motthall2.org

This month in Science, scholars are wrapping up their Newton’s Laws of Motion Unit. Upcoming projects and assessments include Balloon Car Lab Report on January 16, and the Newton’s Laws of Motion unit test on January 19. You can support your scholar by asking them to explain Newton’s three laws of motion and how the balloon car project demonstrates them.

Social Studies

Mrs. Pierre - bscanlon@motthall2.org Ms. Heller (ICT) - kheller@motthall2.org 

This month in Social Studies, scholars are learning about what caused the American Revolution. Upcoming assessments include the midterm on Thursday, January 17. You can support your scholar by making sure they are creating a study guide based on what was handed out in class and posted on Google Classroom.

What’s coming up this month?     

  • January 11th: End of 2nd marking period
  • January 15th: ELA Midterm
  • January 17th: SS Midterm
  • January 21st: Martin Luther King Jr. Day - schools are closed
  • January 22nd: Science Midterm
  • January 24th: Math Midterm


Tips for Success

  • Continue to check PupilPath and motthall2.org regularly in order to stay on top of recent and upcoming assignments
  • Please make sure that your child’s backpack is still well stocked with pens, pencils, erasers, loose leaf paper, and a notebook for each class. The supplies you bought back in September may be running low.

Thank you for your support! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


7th Grade Team