Board meeting - Sept 11, 2017.


Board members: Christy, Ray, Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn cannot come this Sunday. Christy, Kathy are available to be there. Worm bin guy has not responded.  

76 people responded to survey. 50/50 response if we became delivery would they use it. 80% said could provide a dry space for bag of feed. Would people spend $125 or more per month, 30% yes, 35% no, 32% maybe. Pay for delivery? 50% yes, 32% no, 14% maybe.

Christy and nerissa have been talking about delivery for a while.

Tilth, will be at SGD, they also need to find a space after end of April. We must move out by end of april.

SEED is leaseholder for building. SFC sublets from SEED.

Bank account is currently $4k

Saving is $2k

Ran a deal to get rid of hardware weekend of 9-10, did not go so well

Friday sales have dropped off, but these are delivery days.

Christy and Nerissa will split these shifts. Only want to bring in feed between now and when we move.

SGD set-up is 5:30pm. Event starts 6:00pm, goes to 830pm.