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2022-2023 NOCA PTO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 @7:00 – 8:00 PM, NOCA Cafe

Opening Comments: (Jamey Koralewski, PTO President)

School Representative Comments: (Anastasia Desmond, Assistant Headmistress

Treasurer’s Report: (Sara LeRoux, PTO Treasurer)

Checking Account Balance:  $22,310.85 (4/2/2023)

Recent Activity:  

Savings Account Balance: $11,250.85

Upcoming Expenses:

We committed $750 to the Latin Department, Mr. Varney will follow up with items to purchase on their behalf.

Note: Need to prepare financial statements for 2022 tax submission. Using a 3rd party tax firm to prepare filings. Donated by NOCA family.

Committees: Each committee chair or designee is to share upcoming events/activities (Jamey Koralewski)

Teacher Appreciation/Hospitality Committee- Co-chairpersons: Kaila Schock, Michaela Dietrich  

Note: Propose doing the teacher raffle on Tuesday, May 9th and a potluck on Wednesday, May 10th.

Campus Care Committee: Chairperson: (Open)

Note: Looking to have a Summer Uniform sale during the middle of June.  Reaching out to School Bells to possibly be on site for uniform sizing, pre-orders (w/ discounts) and/or have Wilkinsons provide gym uniforms to sell on demand.  Getting quotes from Wilkinsons.

Family Event Committee: Chairperson: (Amanda Rapp)

                           These Family days are for fun and fellowship with your fellow NOCA families!

Arts & Enrichment Committee: Chairperson: (Open)

Note: Proposed offering service hours to HS students to help complete the logging process. Would require some training ahead of time.

Fundraising Committee: Chairperson: Rhonda Heyerly, Steve Koralewski, Vice Chairs: by fundraiser 

Remember! We can share these dine out nights with family and friends. Most of the restaurants need to see a flyer or at least be told you want your orders to support NOCA so be sure to communicate that to others.

Notes: received bulk order quote from Wilkinsons. School to solicit a 2nd quote.

 or click this link:  Spartan Sprint Volunteer Sign Up

Notes: Updated volunteer sign up to include potluck lunch donations. May offer to teachers if we are able to get enough parents to sign up.

Open Items / Suggestions to Consider

Notes: Proposal made to move to quarterly meetings for next school year.  Committees would then meet as needed between normal meetings.  Proposal made to consider offering Zoom as an option for quarterly meetings.  Proposal made to ask the school to provide a speaker to talk about various topics on the evenings that we have our meetings.  It may allow for better attendance for PTO meetings.


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