Instructional Technology and Learning


The Niagara Wheatfield Central School District Instructional Technology and Learning division oversees three interconnected departments of student: student and adult learning, technology systems, and data systems, reporting and compliance with our Regional Information Center, BOCES, and NYS Education Department.

Staff  & Contact Information

Jeffery D. Hazel, Director

Kimberly Meisenburg, Confidential Secretary

Phone: 716.215.3004

Physical Address: 5700 West Street, Sanborn, NY 14132

Mailing Address: PO Box 309, Sanborn, NY 14132


Jennifer Golias, Teacher on Special Assignment for Elementary Professional Development

Jim Dailey, E1B Coordinator, Technology Services, Staff and Curriculum Development

Mary Jo Casilio, E1B Coordinator, Curriculum & Staff Development


Jessica Smith, Coordinator / Microcomputer Specialist

Kara Sykes, Help Desk Receptionist

Brian Mardino, E1B Senior Technical Consultant

Joseph Cianciosa, E1B Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist, Monday - Wednesday

Benjamin Lowe, E1B Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist, Monday - Tuesday

John Riccio, E1B Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist, Wednesday - Friday

Michael Wright, E1B Microcomputer Technical Support Specialist, Thursday - Friday

Nora O’Bryan, Instructional Technology Elementary Administrative Liaison

Jeffery D. Hazel, Instructional Technology Secondary Administrative Liaison

Data Systems, Reporting and Compliance

Andrea J. Tamarazio, E1B Coordinator, Staff & Curriculum Development, Differentiated Instruction & Analysis

John Steel, E1B Specialist, Technology Services