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1.        Authority

Utilization of the Governor Mifflin School District stadium will be limited to P.I.A.A. sanctioned athletic activities and senior high school and middle school athletic competitions as scheduled by the Athletic Director.

The stadium field will also be utilized for such Governor Mifflin School District sponsored activities as: "Strike Up the Bands," intermediate and middle school field days.

Annually, the Greater Governor Mifflin League will utilize the stadium for league activities approved by the Board.

2.        Guidelines

Requests for stadium use by nonschool-sponsored organizations will be considered by the Athletic Director and administration on a limited basis. For approval to be granted, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for the maintenance of proper behavior and control of all participants and spectators.

  1. A school-appointed custodian or maintenance employee must be on duty and paid for by the organization.

  1. The on-site concession stands will not be made available to the organization.

  1. The President or other designated official of the organization will be responsible for communicating with the Athletic Director to make arrangements regarding the use of the scoreboard, public address system and other related equipment.

  1. The sponsoring organization will be required to pay for the repair of any damage to district buildings or equipment.

  1. The sponsoring organization will be required to pay for the replacement of any lost or stolen equipment.

  1. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for picking up paper and other garbage deposited during the approved time period.

  1. The district may postpone or cancel previously approved activities if warranted by adverse field conditions. The determination of adverse field conditions shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the district.

Governor Mifflin Age Group Youth Groups will be permitted to use the stadium field (no lights, sound system or press box) during the day as approved the athletic director provided the event does not interfere with any school district function (scheduled or unscheduled) and they follow rules 1, 3, 5,6, 7 and 8 listing above.

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