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Our props department is interested in vintage or antique items—1970s and earlier. Household items, small furniture pieces, lighting, home decor. Items should have a distinctive look that would be appropriate for the various time periods our shows are set in.


•mid-century style furniture (1950s/60s)

•lava lamp (1970s), floor lamps (1920s-30s)

•fainting couch or other early 20th century furniture (late 1800s-1940s)

•Dish sets from 1970s and earlier

•vintage smoking pipes, ashtrays, other smoking paraphernalia

•vintage office items: calendars, Rolodex, pens w/nibs, desk sets, etc.

•early 20th century wall phones or candlestick phones

•antique irons

•vintage medical items: medicine bottles, canes, crutches, etc.

These are just a few ideas of items that are more difficult or expensive to obtain.
Modern items are much easier to procure for our productions and most likely will NOT be accepted for donation.

Donations should be in good condition or easily repairable. Our Props Chair prefers seeing items ahead of time and approving donations—no unseen drop-offs, please. No clothing items of any kind - those are to be sent to our Costume Chair for consideration.

To inquire more about donating props or costumes, please contact MTG at or 715-231-7529.