Spartan Cafe:



Adult Commitments

  • Remind students of appropriate voice level
  • Monitor for school appropriate language
  • Provide active supervision



Student Expectations

  • Use school appropriate language
  • Share compliments
  • Follow Voice Level guidelines



Sam is an excellent student and asks good questions when he needs more information. He treats his peers and adults with respect. Sam is an avid soccer player. He has played Parks & Rec soccer most his life and plays with Express Travel Team. He also loves to play basketball with his friends.

Sam Loheide

8th grade                        

→ Family: Charlotte - TWIN!  

→ Hobbies: Play video games

→ Favorite teachers: Enjoys all of his classes and teachers

Favorite Type of Food: Fried Chicken  

Place Wanted to visit: Always wanted to visit Hawaii

Pets: 1 dog - Obi        

Favorite Candy - Twix

The 8th Grade Lady Spartan Volleyball Team lost to Jackson Creek last night. Special recognition to Rachel Roland for her clean, solo blocks in the middle and her net play. The girls are back in action next Monday evening at Seymour.

The 7th Grade Lady Spartan Volleyball Team was defeated by Jackson Creek last night. Scores were 17-25, 14-25. The girls had many hard serves and hustle plays throughout the match.

On Thursday night the Spartan distance runners went to Bloomington to face Jackson Creek.

The girls team ran tough race, finishing a close second 26-31. Scoring for the ladies:

2 Kyleigh Wolf

3 Sierra Newell

5 Charlie Kerber

9 Maggie Russell

12 Lily Priest

Just behind them:

14 Caylyn Pruitt

15 Anna Halstead

18 Layne Hoeflinger

20 Ciara Romero

22 Ava Hatton

25 Mady Wickizer

26 Amelia Fay

36 Aitana Villar Bautista

38 Lizzie Bodart

43 Chelsea Santiago

49 Mya Chaille

52 Alek Tong

56 Abuaj Kuol

57 Delaney Miller

The boys team actually tied Jackson Creek 28-28 through the 5 scoring runners for each team. The 6th man tie-breaker went to Jackson Creek when their runner crossed the line 3 seconds before ours.

2 Aidan Jeffares

3 Blake Osbourne

4 Akot Tong

8 Rylan Hottell

11 Dylan James

Just behind them:

13 Nolan Pickup

14 Nate Corley

15 Neal White

19 Tristen Tyner

22 Rylan Shaw

23 Leyton Shaw

27 Dylan Young

30 Daniel Fernandez

32 Rogelio Reyes

38 Gabe Piper

41 Jackson Newman

42 Damian Dixon

44 Austin Menefee

45 Draven Martinez

46 Raul Martinez

47 Eli Psota

53 Ben Psota

56 Joseph Cloud

60 Joshua Perez

62 Cole Stevens

68 Luis Cordova

74 Gus Gaylord

77 Emil Reed

80 Mauricio Juarez

The cross country teams get the weekend off and will face Central in the crosstown matchup next Tuesday.