General Body Meeting


9:00PM-12:00AM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Penn Athletics
  2. Office of the President
  3. Council of Undergraduate Deans (CUD)
  4. Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA)
  1. Upcoming Meetings
  1. Provost Vincent Price
  2. The Daily Pennsylvanian (The DP)
  3. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  4. Speaker Advisory Group (SAG)
  5. The Faculty Senate
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  2. University Council
  1. UA Report
  1. Membership Update
  2. Associate Membership
  3. Educational Moment
  4. Cabinet
  5. Plans for the Summer
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Budget Committee Elections Update
  1. Secretary’s Report
  1. Website Bios
  2. Penn Labs Meeting
  1. Executive
  1. Confirmation of the Speaker Pro Tempore
  2. Fresh Grocer Closure Discussion Paper
  1. Academic Initiatives
  2. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  3. Social Justice
  4. Student Life
  5. External Seats
  6. Communications


President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Penn Athletics
  1. On Tuesday, April 4, Kat McKay and I met with the new Senior Associate Athletic Director of Recreation and Wellness, David Leach, and the Deputy Director of Athletics, Angel Prinos.  We discussed issues surrounding the current sport club structure, the moratorium, funding, and the future of this program.  
  1. Office of the President
  1. On Wednesday, April 12, Jay and I met with Leah Popowich from the Office of the President to discuss our goals for the upcoming UA session.
  1. Council on Undergraduate Deans
  1. On Wednesday, April 12, Shawn Srolovitz the SCUE Chair External,  Kat McKay the outgoing UA President, and I met with the Council of Undergraduate Deans (CUD) to discuss issues surrounding course costs and propose solutions for faculty to help make courses more accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.
  1. Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
  1. On Friday, April 11, Jay and I met with the newly elected GAPSA President Miles Owen and Vice President Rebecca Umbach to discuss our respective goals for the upcoming year and possible future collaborations on projects focused on mental wellness and space issues.
  1. Upcoming Meetings:
  1. Provost Vincent Price
  1. On Monday, 4/17, UA Exec is meeting with Provost Price to discuss our goals for the next year which include but are not limited to facilitating a campus culture that emphasizes and prioritizes mental wellness,  reducing the costs associated with attending Penn, ensuring that Penn is a safe, responsible, and inclusive environment for every student, and modifying academic resources and spaces on campus to better fit students’ needs.  
  1. The Daily Pennsylvanian
  1. On Sunday, 4/16, Jay and I met with Carter Coudriet, the DP President, Dan Spinelli, the Executive Editor, and Rebecca Tan, the incoming Senior News Editor, to discuss the future relationship between the UA and the DP.
  1. Counseling and Psychological Services
  1. On Wednesday, 4/19, Jay and I will be meeting with Ben Bolnick, the Student Wellness Communications Coordinator, Meeta Kumar, the Associate Director of CAPS, and Alaina Spiegel, the Coordinator of Prevention Services at CAPS, to discuss our future ideas and goals surrounding student wellness and future partnerships.  
  1. Speaker Advisory Group
  1. The Speaker Advisory Group (SAG) is comprised of undergraduate and graduate student leaders and we will be meeting with Vice President and University Secretary Leslie Kruhly to discuss the process for selecting a University Commencement speaker and to brainstorm possible ideas for consideration.
  1. The Faculty Senate
  1. On Wednesday, 4/26, Kat McKay and I will be meeting with the Faculty Senate Tri-Chairs to discuss reducing course costs, putting mental health resources on syllabi, and increased collaboration between the UA and the Faculty Senate moving forward.

Vice-President’s Report

  1. UA Steering
  1. UA Steering met this past Tuesday with Dr. Val Cade, the Vice Provost for University Life. The next UA Steering will occur in the fall. I will be contacting administrators and setting up the meetings times over the summer. If there is anyway you feel Steering could be run better, please let me know.
  1. University Council
  1. The last University Council of the year will take place this coming Wednesday (4/19)  in Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall. There will be an approval of the minutes from last meeting, summary reports by Council Committee Chairs, Report of the University Committee on Committees , and discussion of possible focus issues for next year. Outgoing UA Vice President, Sola Park, will be running the pre-meeting on Tuesday night at 10pm with the undergraduate delegation.

UA Report

  1. Membership Update
  1. Aren Raisinghani informed Exec prior to the Transition Meeting that he would be resigning his seat as Engineering Representative. We reached out to the runner-up, who declined the seat. We have been in contact with Allie Rubin, the outgoing NEC Vice Chair for Elections, and there will be a special election alongside the New Student Elections.
  1. Associate Membership
  1. The associate membership process is managed at the discretion of the Speaker. I reached out via email to all of the runners-up of the Spring 2017 General Election to extend an invitation to apply for associate membership for the 45th Session. Upon review of the applications thus far, I have accepted Kevin Myers (C’19 and former UA SAS Representative) to be an associate member. The application will close Wednesday night and will re-open following the fall New Student Election.
  1. Educational Moment
  1. Tonight, I held an education session at 7:30pm for new members. If at any point anyone has questions about UA policies or procedures, please email me at
  2. Today’s educational moment is about our UA Cabinet!
  1. What are the positions that make up cabinet?
  2. What are some responsibilities of cabinet?
  3. How many committees are specified in the UA Bylaws and/or Constitution?
  1. Cabinet 
  1. Our 2017-2018 Cabinet is….
  1. Plans for the Summer
  1. Please fill out the contact information form that I emailed out last week. Committee Directors will be reaching out to you over the summer to discuss your project ideas and to formulate plans for next semester. Expect communication from me as well along these lines, and have a great summer!

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Budget Committee Election
  1. As per the bylaws, the UA is required to have Budget Committee Elections at the first or second UA GBM of the session. I have decided to hold them at the second GBM (the first GBM when we return in the Fall). If you are interested please reach out to me, and read up on the Constitution and Bylaws over the summer. I will send another reminder when we return next semester.

Secretary’s Report

  1. Website Bios
  1. We have a website (, that has our meeting minutes, attendance, and budget. We also have information about each member, so that students can learn more about you. We will be updating the website bios for next year. I will reach out to all of you in the coming days for your brief bio.
  1. Penn Labs Meeting
  1. On Monday, I will be meeting with Penn Labs to discuss their plans for next year. If anyone has any questions, or suggestions for Penn Labs please let me know now or after the meeting.


Confirmation of the Speaker Pro Tempore

Authored by: Michael Krone

According to the UA Bylaw 21 (Section II), “By the end of the first meeting held after their election the Speaker shall appoint, with the advice and consent of the UA, a Speaker Pro Tempore who shall assist the Speaker and chair meetings of the UA in the absence of the Speaker.”

The Speaker Pro Tempore (SPT) will serve as an assistant to the Speaker and help to promote the initiatives of the Speaker in terms of education, UA community, and procedure. The SPT will also chair meetings in the Speaker’s absence.

The rest of Exec and I have chosen to appoint Max Grove (C’20) as this year’s Speaker Pro Tempore. After meeting with several qualified candidates with a lot of great ideas, Max has demonstrated that he has the experience and initiatives to help me execute the office of Speaker and provide for an inclusive and rewarding experience on the UA.


The Undergraduate Assembly hereby:

  1. Confirms the appointment of Max Grove as Speaker Pro Tempore, and
  2. Expresses its confidence in his ability to support the body throughout his tenure.

Fresh Grocer Closure

Authored by: UA Exec


This past year, UA cabinet expressed concern to administration about how students would access groceries during the closure of  Fresh Grocer.  Barbara Lea-Kruger, Director of Communications and External Relations of Business Services, reached out to UA Exec  for help regarding student feedback.  They are looking at how Penn Transit might be able to support transportation to other grocery stores in the area in the time when Fresh Grocer closes and when the new store opens.  Along with this discussion paper, we will also be publicizing a survey on the all-school email. 

  1. Of the following locations, where would you most be likely to shop?
  1. Trader Joe’s (2121 Market)
  2. Supreme Shop n Bag (4301 Walnut St)
  3. South Square Market (2221 South St)
  4. Fresh Grocer (3021 Grays Ferry)
  5. Other
  1. When you go grocery shopping, how do you typically travel to/from the store? (i.e. walk, bike, Penn Transit, Septa, ride share service, other)
  2. Time
  1. How often do you go grocery shopping?
  2. What time of day and day of the week do you go shopping?

Academic Initiatives

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Social Justice

Student Life:

External Seats


  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  1. Sean: I’m giving CUAD report for 2017. Commission on Undergraduate Assembly Debates held two Presidential Debates and one Vice Presidential Debates
  2. Sean: Debates were well attended and we had diverse set of questions
  3. Sean: Areas of improvement include: Larger room (Huntsman), Expand CUAD to include more members
  4. Cal: How many members on CUAD
  5. Sean: 4 from student body
  6. Sean: 3 from NEC
  7. Jay: how was the publicity?
  8. Sean: Publicized on Facebook and DP
  9. Riad: Email sent by previous student president
  10. Elena: Would you only move bigger rooms for Presidential debate or VP debate?
  1. Sean: We would move the Presidential combined VP debates to larger venue
  1. Natasha: How many club representatives were there?
  1. Sean: Do not have that information
  1. Natasha: Last week we met with member of GAPSA, Brenda, would like to collaborate on other projects. Brenda would like to open a diversity office and would like input on UA.
  2. Jordan: GAPSA had people do an art project that promotes diversity. We should do a photo campaign with GAPSA. GAPSA would like to move forward but the space is an issue. Potentially Arch or Perry World House
  3. Natasha: GAPSA would like to collaborate with the UA
  4. Sam: Space is an issue, but best direction would be to go through VPUL because they have options. Penn owns plenty of space, but not all is on campus
  5. Cal: Issue is not space but rather its commitment. I think we should leave it the 5B because its best to leave out UA
  6. Michael: If anyone wants a fling tank reach out? I would like 15-20 people, but are only $18
  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Penn Athletics
  1. Michelle: On Tuesday April Kat McKay and I met with David Leash and Deputy director of Athletics
  2. Michelle: We discussed funding structure of Penn Athletics with SEC
  3. Calvary: Did you talk about class attendance. Language does not count track meets for attendance.
  1. Michelle: I can bring that up next week
  1. Kyle: Title is not related
  1. Office of the President
  1. Michelle: Jay and I met with Leah Popowich. We met with her to discuss future goals about UA
  1. Council of Undergraduate Deans (CUD)
  1. Shawn former SCUE chair, and Undergraduate Deans, met to discuss course costs
  2. Max: What did you talk about:
  3. Michelle: Ask professors to be upfront about course costs and use canvas
  4. Sam: Was mental health discussed
  5. Michelle: Will come up on Faculty Senate
  6. Sean: Was it discussed about syllabus
  7. Michelle: Yes it will be added
  1. Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA)
  1. Michelle: Met with GAPSA president to discuss goals for the year
  2. Simon: Mental health differs in terms of GAPSA and UA
  3. Michelle: Graduate students are more concerned with getting published, however they still utilize CAPS as a resource and must be on same page
  1. Upcoming Meetings
  1. Provost Vincent Price
  1. Michelle; UA exec will meet with Provost Price to discuss goals for year
  1. The Daily Pennsylvanian (The DP)
  1. Michelle; Met with DP to discuss future relationship with DP. More committed to working with us. They will have a PSG beat reporter
  2. Natasha: Will they becoming with GBMs?
  3. Michelle; This reporter will come to once a month GBM. Comm director will send reporter weekly updates.
  4. Elena: I have a friend who writes for the DP, and editors said she had to make UA story negative. Editors wanted more dramatic effect. Is there anyway for this to be prevented?
  5. Michelle; I am not aware of any of this happening. They would like to improve relationship
  6. Julianne: Did you have tangible outcomes?
  1. Michelle; Beat reporter will come to GBMs, Comm director will send reports. We will have meeting with them in the Fall
  1. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  1. Michelle: This upcoming wednesday Jay and I are meeting with CAPS to discuss ideas for future year
  2. Sam: Ask if CAPS is going to be expanding more iCare sessions?
  3. Arjun: What was discussed at this meeting?
  1. Michelle: All of the projects that we discussed in our platform
  1. Speaker Advisory Group (SAG)
  1. Michelle: Group comprised of undergraduate student leaders. We will be meeting to pick the next commencement speaker
  2. Julianne: College Republicans would like to see conservative speaker
  1. The Faculty Senate
  1. Michelle: Kat I meeting with tri-chairs to discuss course costs and increasing collaboration.
  2. Cal: Can you talk about faculty diversity?
  1. Michelle; I cannot
  1. George; Are the meetings open?
  1. Michelle; I’m not sure
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  1. Jay: UA steering met with Dr. Val Cade. UA steering is forum that meets with Umbrella organization to discuss issues on campus. Next meeting will occur in Fall, and I will be contacting administrators. I am looking to increase activeness in the meetings.
  2. Sola: To change structure would administrator only stay for first half?

Jay: In later half administrator would leave

  1. University Council
  1. Jay: Last meeting will take place in Bodek Lounge. There will be discussion on focus issues
  2. Sean: Are the delegates for next year invited to the meetings?
  3. Sola: This meeting will be from representatives from this year
  4. George: Are the meetings always the same place and same time
  5. Sola: It changes each year
  6. Jay: UA steering allows all UA members
  1. UA Report
  1. Membership Update
  1. Michael: Aren will be resigning seat on UA. Gabrielle, runner up declined seat. There will be engineering special election Fall
  2. Arjun: Did he say why he quit?
  1. Michael: No
  1. Associate Membership
  1. Michael: I invited all runner ups to be associate members. Kevin Myers has been accepted and will be added to a committee. Application will be closed on Wednesday
  2. Natasha: What is publicity of AMs?
  1. Michael: Michelle will send an email in all school email. Communications can post on social media. Word of mouth.
  1. Simon: How do you decide on AMs this year?
  1. Michael: I will be gauging interest in UA. I will be having an interview process. I want to look for balance of people who like UA and those that would just like to work on specific project.
  1. Elena: How do you plan to ensure member retention?
  1. Michael: Inclusion is a great aspect to ensure they are interested. Encourage them to come to GBMs.
  1. Cal: In advertisement you should include the educational link and past projects
  2. Santosh: Will you make it mandatory for AMs to come to GBMS?
  1. Michael: I do not want to make it mandatory because it requires by law change. I want retain them through inclusion
  1. Riad: AMs give opportunity to people who are interested in UA and those that would just like to work on project and don’t have time to be on UA. Maria is a good example
  2. Samara: Will this be a separate email from general elections?
  1. Michael: The mass email would be a top line item on all school. If we make effort we can reach interested people
  1. Educational Moment
  1. Michael: I would like to improve education. Arjun and George came tonight to learn about the UA. I’d like to reinstate educational moment of UA.
  2. Michael: What are positions that make up cabinet?
  1. Kanishka: Listed all the positions
  1. Michael: What are responsibilities of cabinet?
  1. Maria: Set the agenda
  1. Michael: How many committees are specified in bylaws
  1. Samara: zero
  1. Cabinet
  1. Michael: Thank you to all who applied. There were a number a reasons why we chose who we did.
  2. Michael: AI= Julianne Goodman, DSP= Kyle of Neil, SJ= Natasha Menon, Sl= Samara Wyant, Comm= Jordan Andrews, SPT= Max Grove
  1. Plans for the Summer
  1. Michael: A lot of work will be done behind the scene this summer. Committee directors will be reaching out this summer for project ideas. We will be reaching out for external seat appointments. I do have open slots for coffee chats this Monday and Tuesday. Fill out contact info sheet
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Budget Committee Elections Update
  1. Sam: We need to hold budget committee elections. Will be hold at meeting in fall. Reach out to me with questions if interested
  2. Jay: Can anyone run for budget and do you need experience
  3. Arjun: What qualifications are you looking for?
  4. Sam: No experience but recommend you reaching out to member
  5. Santosh: What are individual responsibilities?
  6. Sam; Determine contingency requests and plan budget
  7. Elena: What is time commitment in semester? What personality are you looking for?
  8. Sam: First semester is less time intensive than second semester. I will be auditing in Fall semester. During second semester it is time intensive. I believe all of us can do a good job on budget committee.
  9. Elena: Will you be delegation to members of budget committee?
  10. Sam: I will do delegation. I want to lean on budget committee for best cooperation
  11. George: During elections you said you’d like to get feedback. Did you get feedback?
  12. Sam: Reach out to
  1. Secretary’s Report
  1. Website Bios
  1. briaN: Write up a summary, look for an email. Very important
  2. Simon: Headshots?
  3. Brian: Want to do headshots in the fall, to put a face next to your bios
  4. Michael: Lots of moving pieces for setting up headshots, will be jointly done with the new apparel #connections
  5. Jordan: I want to help with the website
  6. Nile: Would like to help with headshots...maybe promo video
  1. Penn Labs Meeting
  1. Brian: Meeting moved to wednesday, 12-1. Discussing goals for next year.
  2. Maria: Specific plans for increasing transparency between pennlabs and general public/UA?
  3. Brian: Add a report/summary for what pennlabs is doing
  4. Maria: Pennlabs mentioned a project about penn transit/uber
  5. Brian: Will follow up
  6. Simon: Any plans to get more ideas to Pennlabs and vice versa?
  7. Brian:  Clarify?
  8. Simon: Two way transparency
  9. Brian: Report on a project they are working on, show the UA what they are working on.
  10. Michelle: Talked with Jason, a co-director about penn transit/uber, still talking with penn of how penn wants to go forward.
  11. Jordan: Is Penn labs getting paid salaries?
  12. Nile: Not in budget, could be discussed
  13. George: What is pennlanbs?
  14. Brian: A student group that works on different projects for the student body for creating applications for the community of penn.
  15. Jay: Team of students that have created helpful student applications like Penncourse Review. During a board meeting, the co-directors, Rob from Provost, Katie Bonner from OSA, and Brian will help determine the project for the new year.
  16. Natasha: Send an email to students asking for project ideas
  17. Brian: Great idea, will do.
  18. Arjun: If they don't have projects do they get funding?
  19. Jay: yes
  20. Natasha: Do they have a logo?
  21. Brian: Yes it's on the bottom of a lot of their projects
  22. Michelle: They have a lot of long term projects
  23. Motion to extend time by 10 mins
  24. Motion passes
  25. Motion to cap the queue
  26. Motion passes
  27. Maria: Issue that students with Penn ride, Would like to give input about different services like penn transit
  28. Michelle: Give input to cabinet
  1. Executive
  1. Confirmation of the Speaker Pro Tempore
  1. Michael: SPT serves as assistant to Speaker to ensure all duties are completed. He will be responsible to be on cabinet. I have appointed Max Grove. Now we must enact Max
  2. Kanishka: Definitely voting pro. Cabinet and Exec are less experienced than expected.
  3. Michael: Will discuss afterward. We would like to go with people who show a lot of promise and initiative. It was long deliberative process, and are fully confident in cabinet.
  4. Kanishka: It is not about experience thing.
  5. Michael: Would like to create balance across exec and cabinet.
  6. Cal: What is process in exec to pick directors?
  7. Michael: Interviewed, and discussed to see who would be best directors and then decided where they would be placed
  8. Sean: What does interview process entail? I think committee directors make huge impact on student body
  9. Michael: it was two members of exec meeting with each person
  10. Michelle: We want committee directors to foster community and guide members on specific projects. We rely on committee directors to lead our members. We had multiple application questions and interviews. We picked members to avoid biases
  11. Elena: Who is legal services coordinator?
  12. Michael: Cal
  13. Julianne: This process should be based on meritocracy?
  14. Michelle: We looked at past UA work
  15. Sean: In regards to holistic, what does that refer to?
  16. Michelle; We looked at past UA work to see that they can complete projects
  17. Motion to Previous Question:
  18. Simon: Motion to vote by acclamation
  19.  Michael: Motion Passes
  1. Max Grove has confirmed Speaker Pro Tempore by vote by acclamation
  2. Fresh Grocer Closure Discussion Paper
  1. Michelle; Fro Gro is closing and Barbra Lee Kruger reached out to us to get feedback on stuff to fix during closure
  2. Cal: I’d reach out to … I’m curious on how transportation would work because it could put some at disadvantage.
  3. Elena: Would they be providing transportation resources as free?
  4. Michelle: They want to see how you typically travel to reroute Penn Transit
  5. Jordan: They should put normal food in Gourmet Grocer
  6. Kyle: In business services meeting, they discussed that they may not pursue a bus that brings people to grocery store and waits. In regards to gourmet grocer they got feedback that they wanted more fresh options
  7. Natasha: In gourmet grocer the food is organic. What is the acme option?
  8. Samara: What is the timeline? Is it confirmed that it is ACME?
  9. Michelle: It is confirmed that it is ACME? There is no set timeline, but they will be working over summer and into the fall semester
  10. Noah: Why is fresh grocer closing?
  11. Michelle; Lease closed
  12. Kyle: Penn said lease expired but FroGro does not agree and is going to court
  13. Elena: The proximity to my dorm is great. The further away it is the more complicated it is. One bus would be very limited for people living in different locations. Pickup location must be considered
  14. Arjun: Motion to extend time
  15. Arjun: For people with dietary restrictions, Gourmet Grocer is useless.
  16. Sam: There has been press release with Penn and Acme. Until court decision FroGro will continue to operate. Acme is normal store
  17. Kanishka: If bus left from 40th and locust would be accessible. I go grocery shopping once a week in middle of evening
  18. Sean: I do not know how far the bus goes. If they add route, they can make stop at 40th and locust. Mostly upperclassmen buy groceries.
  19. Elena: Accessibility wise, gourmet grocer is too expensive. I’d choose local place
  20. George: Following Elena and Kanisha’s point, we should have more questions on survey that asks where do you live?
  21. Delaney: FroGro is great because I can buy at midnight. We should get gourmet grocer to open later
  22. Nile: Why is gourmet grocer so odd?
  23. Julianne: Maybe we can get partnership with Zip-car
  24. Samara: Can you communicate to business services that many people are in favor of trader Joes but that may not be possible to all people
  25. Maria: We should get discounts on transportation
  26. Elena: Why can’t there be two busses?
  27. Michelle: there might be two busses
  28. Jordan: I would pick trader joes because i’m aware of what it is. Maybe we should add linkst to site
  29. Sam: Trader Joe’s might be able to expand one route that we have. Supreme shopping bags has plan that they can drive you home. Other fresh grocer is near Pennovation
  1. Academic Initiatives
  2. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  3. Social Justice
  4. Student Life
  5. External Seats
  6. Communications

Minutes Overview:

Today’s meeting we discussed past administrative meetings with the Penn Athletics, Office of the President,  Council of Undergraduate Deans, and GAPSA. We discussed appointments for cabinet and our plans for this summer. Plans to handle the Fresh Grocer closing were also discussed among the members.