Dear Traveller & Parent/Guardian,

To help facilitate communication we are looking for email contacts for the students, parents and/or guardians. This will be a way of communicating when we have meetings, send out important memos and pass along messages that are time-sensitive. Please fill in the sheet and return to Mr. O’Hearon.


EMAIL (Please print clearly)


EMAIL (Please print clearly)


Also, we are looking at getting an interest level into parents who are interested in becoming either a chaperone and/or a paying adult on the trip.

The process for choosing to be a chaperone is as follows:

  1. Complete the chart below with the interested parent(s) who wish to be a chaperone.
  2. The names will be drawn by a member of the office staff - draw taking place on October 1st, 2019.
  3. You will be contacted when drawn and asked whether you accept or not.
  4. Chaperones are to contribute $1100.00 towards the trip by January of 2022.

Student Name: _____________________________________________________________

Please complete the chart:

Please check whether you wish to be a chaperone or a paying adult or you can check both in case you wish to be a paying adult if not chosen as a chaperone.


Relationship to the student