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Remote Learning at Cotham School
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September 2022

Remote Learning at Cotham School

September 2022

Remote Learning at Cotham School


It is our aim at Cotham School to ensure that, as far as possible, we adapt our pedagogy to mitigate the impact of remote learning on our students' progress while they are away from school.

Students can be asked to learn remotely for a number of reasons:

Our aim is to ensure that all students continue to receive a high standard of education, albeit in an altered form.

Considerations for our Remote Learning Provision

There are a number of factors that we have considered when deciding on our remote learning provision. We have designed our remote learning provision to minimise the variations students experience within these factors.

Our Remote Learning Provision

When students have been sent home as part of a year group closure or school closure we will offer our enhanced remote teaching provision for every timetabled lesson. Students will be expected to follow their normal timetable of lessons while they are working from home. Students will be issued a Google Meet link for each of their lessons each day. They are expected to use this link to join their lessons in their normal timetabled slot.  

Our Enhanced Remote Teaching looks like:


  • A live introduction from the teacher using GMeet
  • Followed by either:
  • A Recorded Lesson  (see guidance below)
  • Use of other digital resources with clear and structured instructions on the Classroom Assignment (e.g. Oak Academy / Greenshaw; Seneca; GCSE Pod; digital resources produced in-house; extended writing / assessment tasks).
  • Teachers remain logged into GMeet for 45 mins so that they can answer Q+A from students throughout via GMeet chat or GC comment
  • A live plenary in GMeet

KS4 and KS5

  • A live introduction from the teacher using GMeet
  • Followed by either:
  • A Recorded Lesson  (see guidance below)
  • A Live Lesson (see guidance below)
  • Teachers remain logged into GMeet for 45 mins so that they can answer Q+A from students throughout via GMeet chat or GC comment
  • A live plenary in GMeet

Examples of Resources that could accompany lessons are:

Digital workbooks, digital worksheets, textbooks extracts, assignments set on online learning platforms, video clips, images, past paper exam booklets, assessment tasks, revision materials and more


How do we track Attendance to our online lessons?

We track attendance in online lessons using our normal attendance tracking software, SIMS. This is done at the start of lessons by all staff for all lessons. Using SIMS allows us to interpret the attendance information we gather and follow up on non attendance to online lessons.  

How long can I expect work set by the school to take my child each day?

We expect students to follow their normal timetable of lessons each day so there will be five online lessons at the usual time for each plus any homework that students receive each day.

How will my child access any online remote education you are providing?

Lesson resources and Google Meet links will all be uploaded and added to Google classroom for each lesson. Students already use Google Classroom to access homework so are very familiar with how to log in and access work.  

If my child does not have digital or online access at home, how will you support them to access remote education?

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. Please can you contact your child’s Learning Coordinator (Y7-11) or Senior Tutor (Y12-13) who will be able to support you with getting access to computer equipment and internet access.

What are your expectations for my child’s engagement and the support that we as parents and carers should provide at home?

We expect each student to attend all of their online lessons laid out in their timetable. We expect students to exhibit excellent behaviour while in all online lessons. Poor behaviour will be recorded and reported to the child's Learning Coordinator / Senior Tutor and parents.

We ask that you support your child with their remote learning where possible by ensuring they are in a quiet space, as free from distractions as possible and with sufficient lighting to ensure that they can read and write comfortably. Please ensure that your child maintains a consistent and productive routine within their day that allows them to go to bed at a reasonable time so that they are up, dressed and ready for their first lesson of the day.

How will you check whether my child is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are concerns?

Teachers will track attendance by taking a register in each online lesson. You will be contacted if your child is absent from a lesson. Teachers will also review work that is submitted by students. For students in Years 7-11, every two weeks teachers will report back to the Learning Coordinators on the levels of engagement of their students. Any students that are highlighted as a concern in this process will be contacted by their Learning Coordinator. At Post 16, teachers will support students with engagement as they would for onsite learning. Concerns will be flagged centrally with the Post 16 team so that appropriate support and intervention can be put into place.

How will you assess my child’s work and progress?

Feedback can take many forms and may not always mean extensive written comments for individual children. For example, whole-class feedback or quizzes marked automatically via digital platforms are also valid and effective methods, amongst many others. Our approach to feeding back on pupil work is as follows:

How will you work with me to help my child who needs additional support from adults at home to access remote education?

We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families and our interventions team will work with parents and carers to support those pupils who need additional support and guidance.

Numeracy, literacy, science, Level 1 English, English as an Additional Language (EAL),  other social skills interventions continue to be delivered remotely by our Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs). These lessons are available synchronously and asynchronously on Google Classroom to enable as many students to access the support work as possible.

Students with additional funding, due to Education and Health Care Plans (EHCPs) or high level needs, continue to be supported 1:1 by Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) in school and at home via Google Classroom, Google Meet and email.

If your child is finding it difficult to access the work set in their remote lessons, please inform their tutor who will liaise with the appropriate person or department regarding any necessary adaptations.

Further Definitions

What is a Recorded lesson?

Record Lesson Examples

Further Helpful Links

Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be the primary platform for students to receive and submit work while away from school. It is important that parents and students know how to correctly submit work via this platform: